Friday, May 8, 2009


Good Morning Everyone:

How do you like my new look? My good friend and designer Kim B did it for me...thanks Kim I LOVE LOVE LOVE it..

WOW I live close to the hospital and the medic vac copter just flew over so low it blew my fan, telephone, and other stuff off the table in front of the window...scared the you know what out of me...ok back to the blog

It FINALLY stopped raining here and I think it's moving into Georgia...get out your rain gear and get prepared!!! Sorry not my fault..Mother nature picked you out!

Kaylen spent the afternoon with me the other day and man did she wear me I know why God gives babies to younger folks..she loved the dogs water bowl and the cd player and the cds, power cords, and everything on the table she could reach...and now she HATES to take a nap..but I read and rocked her to sleep...A nana privilege...I can't help it if she wants her daddy to read and rock her to sleep when she gets home!!!

Ok on to some news and some goodies...


CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS...if you have any special things from Kims store you would like to have..better go now before they are gone forever...yes forever...she is retiring almost everything in her store and so is Bunny...and wow at 60% off you can't miss this one..May 8th - 18th

As you know every month we have new challenges at DSO..this month I jumped in and took Kims color challenge  and this is what I came up with..

SGcolor challenge


These are the colors..I made the papers and elements with the exception of the heart string and that came from Kims Antoinette Kit I like the way this one turned out..I scrap lifted parts of it from a page entitled "Wonderful Tasha".

Ready for some eye candy?  Here we go



My little girl.

This beauty was done by the colors in this one..beautiful little girl too..


From Nancy I just love this picture ..don't they favor so much!


Nancy also made this the colors and the layering..


Love these colors on this one..also from Nancy


Look at this magical page from moonlightpearl..its her adorable little boy..she used my Little Boys word art set


Another beautiful layout from the blue she used one of my free word art phrases.

Nancy-Fam Reunion WV

Nancy used my Heritage word art for this lively one!

ok gang....saving the rest for another I have a little something for you..

SGcolor challenge

Hope you like can get it here

Well my friends I better call it a day...I have a laundry room full of laundry to do and dishes to wash, and so on, you know THE REAL WORLD LOL Have a safe and wonderful weekend... Happy Mothers Day.