Friday, August 29, 2008


Hi Folks..did you miss me...think I jumped ship..hehehe..I missed being here..Had an appointment with the Dr. Wednesday and got so mad grrrrrr..I had an appointment at 9am and got back to a room about 11am..saw the Dr. at 11:10 and he walked out finished at 11:15..I however, had to wait longer for my prescriptions..his diagnosis was arthritis and maybe a touch of bursitis or a pulled muscle..gave me some muscle relaxers and an anti-inflammatory

pill..well they relaxed me into never never land for about 2 days and nights..but my shoulder may be a bit better so I guess I will keep taking them and sleeping LOL..

WOW, folks maybe I should just stay away...I got TWO awards while I was gone! 

The first was The I Love Your Blog Award (CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR AWARD)


Nexa (Jessica)Scrapoholic Designs gave me this..thanks so much Jessica..

There are some rules for this award, to keep it going, I need to nominate some other blogs, and this time, the magic number is 7. So here are my 7 blogs that I love. Thanks Jessica..

1.Michelle at Crafty Scraps Michele is a wonderful person, she is very sweet, is a very good designer and an inspiration to all of us who know her..she also loves giving goodies away!!!

2. Doodle is a fellow designer at DSO..she is also a fellow CT Member for KimB's Designs..she's a sweet friend and a wonderful designer..she has some great freebies also.

3. Beth is a fellow CT member on Kim's team also and an exclusive designer at DSO..Beth is the Brag Book Queen, she makes some beautiful Brag Book Pages and is known to have a few she gives away

4.Andrea Dickinson is a fellow Designer at DSO...she is a wonderful designer and has some beautiful things in her she's a sweet lady.

5.Andrea is another fellow CT member and has some great things in her store and she does have a freebie at times.

6.Paula at PKS Brag Book is a wonderful person and someone I love dearly..she is on my CT and makes some beautiful layouts. She just started her Blog and she says "to show off the work of the Designers she scraps for"..her blog is fun to read...stop by and visit her and leave her some love.

7.Sherrie at RCMamas Designs Sherrie is a sweetie, she is on the Design Team at DSO...she turns out some awesome goodies.

You can get your award from the link above the award..and work on your 7 favorite blogs..

My friend Sylvia gave me this award..thanks so much my friend..Its the Wylde Women Award..


The Purpose of the Award is to send love and acknowledgement to women who brighten your day, teach you new things and live their lives fully with generosity and joy. The rules are you can give it to one or one hundred or any number in between - it’s up to you. Make sure you link to their site in your post. Link back to this blogsite so Tammy can go visit all these wonderful women we’ve given it to.

Jen at Chaos Lounge..Jen is a wonderful friend and an awesome designer..she makes beautiful kits and her flowers and vines are out of this world..she inspires me with my scrapping and in my designing..thanks Jennie..

Mrs. Miles she is one of the sweetest women I've had the pleasure of meeting on line..she is always encouraging and full of fun..she makes up some little rhymes and sayings that will crack you up at the same time she's and inspiration to me..she also designs some beautiful kits and goodies..thank you Mrs. Miles.

Kim B's Designs Well, what can I say about Kimmy that hasn't been said already..she is more than a friend..she's my inspiration, my encouragement,  my shoulder to cry on, to vent to, and answers my endless questions about the designing world with so much patience..and above all she is my friend in the true sense of the word. she has one of the biggest hearts I know of..and she makes me feel young..thanks my friend..

Bunny Cates I met Bunny thru Kim and she has become a true friend..Bunny has a wonderful personality and is so smart, I'm in awe at the things she can do, and does them all well..she's the Owner of DSO and a super "Boss lady" she has also been a great help and encouragement to me in my designing endeavor..and I know sometimes I drive her nuts..but she's always there for me.


I could sit here all day and give out this award..there are so many many friends I have made on line and all of them have a special place in my heart..just too many to list on the name of the award (Above ) to get yours..

Wow, I'm tired of typing LOL..guess you are tired of reading too..I'm going to take the weekend away from the computer I think and sleep and see if the pills will get rid of Arthur and Bertie for good..I will not miss them at all!!!

Before I go here's a preview of a little goodie I made for you..Hope you find some use for it..LR_Freebie_Wordart copy

They are  Here if you would like to have them..

Until next time, remember to smile, keep looking up and big much love...Jazzy

Have a great weekend!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'm Late I'm Late I'M Late

Sorry everyone for being so late with this post.  I feel like Alice in Wonderland when she fell in the hole..HEHEHE

We had storms all day yesterday and it has rained constantly for 3 days and nights..Angie got here yesterday and had been here about 10 minutes when all kinds of storm warnings started going she left before it got to the route she had to take home..we had tornado sirens going on off and on all day..guess a lot of you are having the same kind of weather..Hurricane Faye on the warpath..I knew a Faye once and she was ALWAYS on the warpath about something or other..LOL

I am so thankful tomorrow is my Doctors appointment about my neck and arm.  I finally got enough drugs in me to make me just pass out sleeping and have slept most of the day away.  Got a phone call and got some of the fog out of my head.. sure glad Paula called, I wanted to watch more of the convention tonight.. not much news to write about from here I do have you a little freebie's what I made with it


Would you believe that is me, Lori and Angie a LONG time ago..I made you a frame just like this one..if you like to have it you can find it here Yes I was a "Blonde from a bottle" for a long time..When I look at this picture it kinda makes me sad LOL  buuuut growing old is a fact of life and I've learned to accept it and my looks now..what else can you do..LOL and believe me when your health goes you are even more thankful for each year older you get..

Gang I'm going say goodbye for now..remember to smile and keep looking up..big much love Jazzy

Monday, August 25, 2008


Good morning everyone..hope you all had a great rained here all day Saturday, Saturday night, and most of Sunday..we sure needed it.  I love rainy days. My weekend was quiet..the boys came over on Saturday and spend the day..My next door neighbor brought me a bag of fresh okra and more tomatoes from his son's garden..they are so good to do that..I was going to cook supper for us and cook it but Arthur and Bertie (my names for arthritis and bursitis hehehe) joined me and stayed all day and night..I got some Ben Gay took some pain pills and finally went to woke me up sometime that night telling me they were going home..I remember Josh saying "Nana you smell like menthol" I guess that makes me officially an OLD nana cuz I remember that same smell from my Granny!!! I'm not complaining, I'm proud of all the years the Good Lord has give me and hope he gives me many more..

KimB..hope you had a great weekend with your friend Deon flying down to visit..How you feeling this morn LOL..luv ya..and speaking of friends visiting..The DSO Girls are having a retreat next year, we have the date and place all set. I can't wait to meet everyone..we have a year to save our pennies..LOL Its really really something to look forward to..

I did some redecorating on the home place here..added some of my daughter Lori with Josh and Chase and Josh with Andrew..thought you might like to see them..and some other goodies..let me know what you think of the new look..

Angie called at 7 am this morning and woke me up..she's coming to spend the day with me..I think she is very depressed today and needs her mom..I'm so thankful she is close enough to come for a I have to go soon and get ready..

You know, I am so blessed with online friends..they are such an important part of my life, and they are so good to me.. My friend Jenni at Chaos Lounge sent me her new kit Summers End isn't it just beautiful..


Here's a layout I made with it..This is the last picture I made of Andrew, with my GS's date for the prom..

Carried AwayRS

Melanie at DSO made this beautiful new kit Summers End




Love this kit Melanie and its on sale too..only $4.50 for all this beauty better hurry in before the sale is over..

I have some new Layouts my CT did and also a special one from Jenni


Isn't this just beautiful..Thanks Jen

This is from Crops..she has a new camera and has been making some awesome's one of them


Just awesome how she caught the setting sun on her furbaby...great job Crops..its beautiful..she used word art from my new set Doggie Treats..

l think I had better go and get dressed..Angie will be here soon..but before I go I have a little something for you..I have several new sets of WA in the making..I'm showing you a little preview of some of them...see if you can guess what they are going to be !!


Thanks KimB for the use of your flower bloom.. If you would like to have these here they are .

If any of you have a special request for Word Art just leave me a message here or email me and I will see what I can do for you..and remember if you use my word art in your Pages, please send me a copy or a link where I can see them..

Hope all  you good folks have a wonderful Monday, remember to smile, and keep looking up..Much Big Love Jazzy

Friday, August 22, 2008


Love, Laughter and Friendship are Welcome Here.

Hi Everyone..well I've heard it said that "coming home is the best part of going away", you know I think that's true.  I had a WONDERFUL time at Angies house..I had the day time to spend with her and the afternoons and night to spend with the was just awesome.  They boys have a ritual of watching a movie for about 45 minutes or so before they  go to bed..they have a playroom and folks the only pieces of furniture to sit on are 2 beanbags!! I am sure it was quiet funny watching this old lady get out of the floor..HEHEHEHE 

They have a beautiful home and have it decorated so pretty.  They live on the outskirts of Huntsville..but way OUT..they have close neighbors but its still what I call "in the country" They have a neighbor who has a big garden and he has been keeping them in fresh veggies this summer..and some of the best tomatoes I have ever eaten..oh talk about good...these are better than good..I brought a bag full home with me and gave some to my mom, she said they were the best tomatoes she has eaten since she was a girl and her dad raised them!! I'm having a sandwich for lunch and its making me hungry just talking about them!!

I don't know where my daughter learned to cook but she can sure cook...she fed me very very well with some of the best meals that I've had in a long long time...just delicious!!! She made a salad type dish with a layer of those awesome tomatoes, a layer of onions sliced very thin, and a layer of cucumbers sliced thin, she added sugar, dill, and some oil and vinegar and let it set for a long all should try it...its out of this world.

I made a good many pictures while I was there...this is one of them

Ready for school RS 

Angie and Gage getting ready for school..I did this for Kims Color Challenge Poor Gage has so many cowlicks, he inherited them from my dad, that it is hard to get his hair combed down..almost impossible..we are all plagued with those darn things..LOL

I have some new Word Art in the store called Doggie's a little preview


My CT made some layouts with these...


Paula (PkDoll) made this beauty..she actually used 2 pictures in it..its it great..she re-colored the word art she used..looks great..thanks girl


Marion made this one, its their beloved Dog Xena who passed away earlier this year..she used 2 word arts on this one and it looks awesome..the page is so pretty and a lovely tribute to Xena..thanks Marion..

Marion also made this awesome layout and won LOTW at DSO for it..


Marion, this is just beautiful..I love how you blended this one and used the clouds..WONDERFUL..I just want to hold him and love on him when I see this layout.he's a little fighter

I have one other I just have to show you today..its by Paula (PKDoll)

pjk-girlsMagic-arch copy

Isn't this a the colors and the extraction is perfect..she used KimB's/Bunny Cates I Believe Kit and my Fairy Word Art..thanks Paula this is just beautiful.

I was messing around with frames again and this is what I came up with this you know who this lady is??

Guess who


If you would like to grab this you can find it here

We saw a  lot of pictures today so I imagine you are kinda until tomorrow, Smile, keep looking up, and Big Much Love Jazzy

Friday, August 15, 2008


Love, Laughter and Friendship Welcome Here


Hi Friends

WOW, its Friday already, where has the week gone!  Sorry I never made it here yesterday..My arm was giving me fits so I took a pain pill and it knocked me to never never land for awhile when I woke up, I just kept laying around..

I have to apologize for not having my new Word Art in the store yesterday..I had a few things to fix before it would make it thru QC..Bunny does a quality check on EVERYTHING the designers make before she lets it into the store...I think that's great..just remember that everything you buy from DSO will always be the best quality and will always be things you will be proud to work with..I just didn't have time Tuesday after I got home from the Eye Dr..with my dilated eyes to get it fixed in time (everything has to be in by Tuesday midnight) but that just means I will have MORE new goodies in next Thursday. 

My good friend Kim B. has a new grab bag #13for you this week in her store. Here's a little preview


This is a layout I did using some of the things in the bag!

Beautiful MusicRS

Its my Granny, my Dad and my Great Aunt..Heritage layouts are my favorites to do..I made the word art of course LOL

This is another of Kim's great bags of will love it..and its a LOT to!! Be sure to get it..its a steal for $8.00

My CT's have been busy a couple from them..oh wow they are so talented!


This beauty is from Maggie Mae and its of her Furbaby Kodi when he was younger.  She used Word Art from my Inspiration Set. Thank MM this is awesome.


This is from my dear friend just blows my mind its so beautiful..looks like the back ground was painted..Crops this is just BEAUTIFUL..she used Word Art from my Just Life set..thanks girl..

Please be sure and complete my  challenge  for this month.."Photo OP"  it's a new Challenge at DSO.  If you complete mine you will get a posting bonus..word art all about teenagers..and if you complete ALL of the Challenges you will get a MEGA kit made by all the designers as a gift..Its really MEGA too!

I won't be here for a few days next week..I am going to visit my daughter and her family in Huntsville..they just moved in July from Oregon..she wanted to be closer to home after Lori passed.  Angie informed me last night that she did not move across the country for nothing and I was coming to see her!!! They will be down Sunday to pick me up...can't wait to spend some time with them and especially my boys...(sorry Angie but they are My Grandsons and you know what that means..LOL)

Love makes the world go round

I also did a heritage layout with this frame and word art..a little different but I liked the way it turned out...LR_LOVEFRAME_PREVIEW

If you would like to have the frame and word art you can get it here

OK guys I think I'm going to go watch a good western on TV (I love them) I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend, I know it's been a hectic one for those going back to school..know the kids will be glad for a rest LOL..Be sure you are smiling and keep looking up, Big Much Love to all...Jazzy

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Love, Laughter & Friendship Welcome Here


Good Morning Folks..

Hope you are all well and good..Its a cool rainy morning here in Alabama, feels so good to have the fresh breeze blowing in my window. The rain really cooled things off thank goodness.  Gemma will be glad too, now we can go for longer walks!!

I'm sorry I missed talking to you yesterday, I think I've got bursitis in my right was giving me a fit yesterday so I wasn't here much at all.. I guess I'm going to have to break down and go to the Dr. about it..kept thinking it would just go away but I don't think that's going to happen. I'm the worlds worst procrastinator..I HATE going to Dr's just ask my sister "The Lurker" LOL..

My grandson Josh came to visit me bright and early this morning.  I was washing the dishes and in he came, used his key because he thought I would be in bed...fooled him! Of course, first thing he did was give me a hug and said, "How you doing Nana banana" next thing looked for food..LOL I put him to work, walking Gemma, going to the mail box and carrying the trash to the street..he had to go somewhere but promised he would be back to give Gemma a bath.  It's all up to grabs if he will make it back or not..LOL I wanted him to vacuum too but I hadn't told him that yet!

I have another layout to show you today made by O2BNGdHope


Isn't this adorable...her granddaughter Rheanna and if you look closely one of her fairy layouts is the little picture the fairy is holding..oh how original and creative you are girl..She used word art from my Fairy Set,just beautiful Wendy.

I made a new frame its a bit different wanna see it?


My friend Betty and her son Jeff, we have been best of friends for over 30 years..and boy could I tell you some stories about some of out antics when we a little younger..she and Jeff and me and my girls have had many many good times in the past..some I will NEVER forget LOL..

I liked this frame and the way it turned out so thought I would make one for you..


You can grab it here

Well folks I have an appointment with the eye Dr. today, I've been putting it off for a long time but I'm getting to where I can't see so I guess its past time for the visit. My mother made the appointment and made her one to for today, I guess that's so we can make each other go..LOL Until we talk again, smile, keep looking up and much big love Jazzy

Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday Morning is Back

Love, Laughter, & Friendship Welcome Here

Morning Folks

Hope you all had a great weekend..mine was good, didn't do anything special. Saturday my Mom and I went to the cemetery , that made me a bit sad, then we visited my cousin, and then went to supper..watched the Olympics or tired to, I kept falling asleep, which is nothing unusual for me LOL..I hope you all got to watch the opening ceremony of the Olympics, they say is was just beautiful..I missed it however, yep-you guessed it, sleeping..LOL Gemma and I did manage to watch the gymnastics and swimming last night..the 30 year old gymnast from the USA was amazing, she hung in there with those 16 yr. olds and was great..! Wow at 30 I could still do the twist but that's about it..LOL That reminds me of the Hula Hoop, when it first came out I was about 15 or 16 and I was really good at sister and I were in the store shopping for stuff for the house and I saw one, they don't make them the way they used to either..but I gave it a go..I bet if I had it at home I could do it again...with LOTS of practice..

I did some grocery shopping yesterday..stocking up on some things the boys like of course..I saw a package of Oreo's and it reminded me of a funny story that I will NEVER forget..ok sis, I just gotta tell it...When Cathy was about 2 or 3 she had a best friend named Lenora..they were together all the time, she lived on the next street and our back yards were back to back.  Our house was split level and the car port was high.  One day Cathy and Lenora got a brand new LARGE package of Oreo's from our house..they went on the carport behind the glider and proceeded to eat the middle out of a WHOLE NEW PACK..they threw the cookie part over their shoulder and into the back should have seen the look on their faces when they got caught...there was a mound of cookies in the back wasn't too funny then because I wanted some of those cookies too...However that story will never be forgotten in our family, my dad still laughed about it right before he died..I have told her children too!!!! HEHEHE

I loved my little sister until she got old enough to be a brat..she found out I started smoking and would blackmail me all the time, "I'll tell mama and daddy you smoke if you don't do the dishes for me tonight" you know that kind of thing..I would have been much better off if she had told and they had made me stop...but that's another story..It wasn't until I ended up on a ventilator fighting for my life did I have enough sense to quit..hope this tells you something if you are a smoker..

Another funny story about my sister and I, when she was about a year and half she was playing on a pallet in the kitchen floor, mother was cooking supper, and Cathy got into something, I was afraid Mother was going to get her so I grabbed her up by her arm to move her, and dislocated her shoulder, mother had to carry her to the Doctor and it was so bad they had to put it in a much for helping the poor baby..I felt really really bad about that..

Here's a picture of Cathy and her children, Jake and Sarah Grace, those of you who have seen my scrapbook galleries know the kids are in there always..they are my only niece and nephew and I love them dearly.

Love MakesRS

My CT has been working this weekend on some beautiful layouts..I just have to share them with you.


This beauty is by Marion and its her Great Niece, wow Marion this is just awesome, she used word art from my Fairy Set.

Smile-000-Page-1 (600 x 600)

This cute little guy is Marion' grandson Isaac..he's growing so much..the Word Art from my Smile Set fits this picture perfectly..thanks Marion


This beauty was done by O2BNGdHope and it is her great niece and her granddaughter..she used Word Art from my Fairy set and Kim B's Designs I believe Kit..wonderful job and thanks Wendy..


Isn't this Beautiful, its also by O2BNGdHope and its her great niece Phoebe, the Word Art is also from my Fairies set.

I have more of these beautiful pages but I will save them for tomorrow. Would you believe that it's only 6:40 here and I'm already awake..guess you can't sleep your life away..LOL..

I have a little something for you today

Hope you can find some use for these enjoy!

Oh and please send me copies of you pages using my word art, I would love to see them..

so until tomorrow smile, keep looking up and Big Much Love   Jazzy

Friday, August 8, 2008

Friday Already!!

Love, Laughter and Friendship Welcome Here

Wow, can't believe it's Friday already. Not been a very eventful week here in Alabama. This is going to be a very short blog today..I have come down with this terrible cold, have no idea where I got it..but my nose has been running since yesterday afternoon and this morning I look like Rudolph!!..I've taken several things for it but nothing has worked so far, I've been awake all night, I can't wear my my eyes are watering and have the chills and all that good stuff that goes along with a fever though!

I made you a little gift for today

Jazzy-preview blank

Here's the layout I did with it


This little Cutie is my niece Sarah Grace, she's almost 14 now..I was playing around and made the paper, was pretty happy with how it turned out.

You can get the brag book page and word art here

I sure hope everyone has a great weekend..have fun, be careful and good luck with the back to school shopping. Keep smiling, and keep looking up and until I see you again, Big Much Love Jazzy

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Furbabies and More

Love, Laughter and Friendship Welcome Here

Good Morning Everyone

Hope your day is starting out to be a good one.  Schools started in a lot of places this they start next week. I know some of you are overjoyed summer vacation is over and the children are back in school..some of you are sad! For me I always hated it, especially when my girls got older.  Then I could get up ,get ready,go to work and leave them sleeping, but when school started I had to get them up, which was next to impossible the first few days (and it didn't really didn't get much better as the year went on) urge them to get ready, get myself ready, and usually out the door in time.  I'm glad I was my own boss then or I would have been fired for being late!! Any of you have that problem?

Well I told you yesterday I had to go to the bank with my mom, she does that,then decides to go shopping !  It felt like it was 120 outside and I don't do well at all in the heat, and my portable Oxygen tank ran out too..Mr Murphy was here Kim, LOL..why didn't you keep him in SA..when I got home my apartment was so HOT, I'm thinking oh no, the air went out again, then I remember I had turned it down to 80 when I got up..I was cold. Wouldn't you know it I forgot to change it back.  I was drained, turned it to 65, went in my room, turned on the fan, and I was asleep in 5 minutes.  While I was gone my "furbaby" Gemma was an unhappy girl. Gemma is  part long haired dachshund and I don't know what else is in the mix..she's really not a pretty puppy but she grows on you..she's supposed to be 2 but she acts like a puppy. I got her from the Humane Society after I moved to my apartment.  She keeps me company and I talk to her like she is human..I have grown to love her beyond even my belief!!! I wanted to change her name but when I called her different things she ignored me but when I called Gemma she was there in a that's the name I kept!!

In my living room floor I found all her toys, one was torn and she had all the stuffing pulled out and all over everywhere, my throw pillows and throw were in the floor, the remotes, tissue she found somewhere, and the topper was all the clean clothes.  I left the laundry room door open and she had gotten them out of the clothes basket. Guess that's what I get for not putting them up!! Most of all I guess she mad because I left her in a hot house, I really felt bad about that.

I have some pictures of her I will show you later.

I have a new CT member, her name is Marion and I am really happy to have her on the team.  She does such beautiful layouts..I will show you the first one she did for me using my Sweet Baby word art set.


This is Baby James, her youngest GS, he was a preemie and has really fought hard, isn't he beautiful.


This beauty was done by O2BNGdHope and she used WA from my Fishing Tales set.  The pics are her husband and GS when he was a baby the bottom is her GS fishing on his own. Her selection of the word art is just perfect for this one.

Now for my Gemma.


See, I told she not much to look at but I sure love her, my mother says she's so ugly she's cute!!

For your little pressy today I have the frame and word art from my layout.  Hope you like it, the set of DoggieTreats Word art will be in my store next Thursday.

Well my friends, its that time again, must say goodbye for today, remember to smile, keep looking up and much big love from me...Jazzy

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Propping My Eyes Open

Love, Laughter and Friendship Welcome Here

I just love "Cold Case", do you night owls know lots of nights TNT has past shows on till 5 AM?  Well last night was one of them..I went to bed early but woke up with pains in my arms, my knees, my hands, you name, and it was hurting hehehe (old age) I can't just lay in the bed when that happens so I get up.  Last night Josh was spending the night and he was watching it, so I sat down for a minute and got interested and well-at 5am I was still interested..I thought when I laid down I would go back to sleep but no- not this time. I went back to bed at 5 but wasn't sleepy so I got up again and I've been here since then. Now I am getting sleepy.Go figure LOL.

Its quiet here this morning. Josh left early..He cooked pancakes again sometime last night before I woke do I know..well of course  he left the skillet on the stove and the plate on the cabinet, the batter he had left was sitting in the bowl getting thick and hard, the syrup and box of  mix were on the bar. I have fussed so much about them being so messy and leaving the dishes for me...looks like they would learn doesn't it..but no-they are too lazy...speaking of lazy..I think I'm getting worse at it..I did get the laundry caught up yesterday, but today I hear the vacuum calling me..hehehe  I think I'm going to ignore it for awhile and take a nap..but I will do it later..

I have lots to show you today.

I just love making Heritage layouts, I just have tons of old old pictures. I made some layouts last week with a  Beautiful new Heritage Kit from Justblinc

forgetme nots RS 

This is my Granny's sister and her husband made in 1927. 


This is my uncle (in the picture above) with his niece..I just noticed I got the names wrong on this one..will have to change that. The word art is mine as is the heart and flowers.The name of this collection is Family Ties.  If you like to do Heritage layouts then you must have this one..oh and its on sale until August 8th, that's Friday.  Drop in Justblinc to will be glad you did!

I made some more pages using KimB'S Designs Just Because kit and my wordart.


This is my niece Sarah Grace made a few weeks ago..She was in the emergency room but look what she is doing...LOL text messaging..OHH Teenagers..can't live with them can't live without them..I made the frame and the word art..The vine is from Jenni's  cu collection



I "twiked " this a little bit LOL..I used a pink layer over Kims paper layer then changed the opacity then did a blending on it..I added the leaves and bow also from the kit..The  little girl is Kelsey Kaylin's big sister..she is only 22 months old..she's a doll and so sweet and minds so good..we were in the waiting room waiting for miss Kaylin. This is also from Kims Just Because kit

I have a little something for you..the frame in the above picture was one I was experimenting with.  I made the word art separate so you can place it wherever you want. My mom just called and I have to go to the bank with her so I better comb my hair and put on my shoes..she will be blowing and blowing again if I don't get out the door on the first  Smile and keep looking up, until I see you again Big Much Love Jazzy.

OOPS almost forgot this..!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Love, Laughter and Friendship Welcome Here

WOW folks its not even 9 o'clock and I'm here..Before I get started on the story I want to tell you, I GOOFED yesterday and forgot to put the freebie folder in the zip file..SENILE, I tell you I'm getting here is the corrected link to get the QP from Monday...

Do any of you have teenage sons or GS and do they eat you out of house and home..Josh and Chase came over the other night and gave me the scare of a lifetime..I was in the back part of the house ,it was raining cats and dogs, I was just sitting here minding my own business and they said "Hi Nana Banana" I tell you folks I know I came off the chair it scared me so bad..I didn't hear them come in, they thought it was so funny..however I did NOT..!!

I think they only came to visit because they were starving..I asked them if they were hungry, "No Nana we're cool". Ok, listen to how "Cool" they were, Josh opened the fridge, (1st thing he always does ) got out some watermelon, which he proceeds to eat all of..after than he went to the cabinet and got Vienna Sausage and had a can of those..he must have really liked them because he ate another can. About that time Chase comes in the kitchen and goes to the cabinet.."nana can I have some Ravioli", sure Chase, you don't have to ask..of course he had to get the biggest glass I have and fill it with milk..and its a BIG glass too..ok now Josh has had watermelon, 2 cans of Vienna Sausage, and a candy bar so he must have needed something to top it all off he says Nana can I make me some pancakes..sure Josh..5 pancakes and a 1/4 bottle of syrup later...he said that was good Nana, do you want some.. ? I wonder what "we're cool" means !Josh was cooking his pancakes and Chase comes back to the kitchen and said Nana can I have that other can of mind you, these are the family size cans of ravioli,sure Chase and I'm wondering where are they putting all this...he also fills his Big glass back up with milk..I'm washing dishes when Kendra, Josh's girlfriend comes in, and she says "Nana do you have any sliced cheese and bread"..this is what the girl survives on..and I say yes, so she makes 2 cheese sandwiches.

This is the topper...after eating all that, Chase comes to me and says Nana do you have any money, I said why Chase, we want to go to Taco Bell...!!! I said no Chase we aren't going to Taco he goes back in the kitchen and makes a ham sandwich or it might have been 2..Josh and Kendra pop a bag of popcorn, thank goodness I had a new box they didn't find...and  they weren't hungry when they got here!!  Oh I almost forgot, after I went to bed they had cereal and milk, I know that because the dirty bowls were on the bar, and they finished off a bag of chips and a bag of corn curls..they were probably old too! I'm just wondering where are they putting all that food..LOL I guess they are finding out living on their own is not so cool..I think they are living off ramen noodles..LOL

Don't forget the Photo challenge I'm hosting this should be a lot of fun..I have a much better preview of the posting gift..


and I have a little something for you today..


I hope you like it..I love the colors..I'm in an orchid mood I guess LOL here's the link for this one.. 

I doubled checked the file is in there LOL

I can still hear my laundry calling me...I just ignored it yesterday but I have to answer the call today..LOL no getting around it or the dirty clothes are going to take over the I leave you for today with this thought, keep smiling, keep looking up, and I'm sending you big much love..Jazzy

Monday, August 4, 2008

Something to Brag About

Love Laughter and Friendship Welcome Here

Good Morning Everyone

Hope you all had a great weekend..mine was sure great, I got to see my2 youngest  grandsons Sunday.  They had been at their other parents house for the summer so they weren't home when Angie and Dave moved.  Wow was I shocked at how much they had grown since I saw them last, nearly 2 years ago..they have lost all traces of their baby faces..and Gage is soo tall, I am thinking by the time he is 10 he will be taller than me!!! I can't wait until they can come for a visit alone..then I'm going to try to get the baby and the boys over, then I will have all my grandchildren with me..and my great what a photo op that will be..LOL I hope everyone is comfortable cause I have some bragging to do today!!

Now its time to do some bragging..

My CT member PKdoll was featured in the SBM Groove monthly newsletter for August,2008.  Paula makes some of the prettiest pages I've ever seen...Here's a bit about her

I am 52 years old and living with the love of my life for the past 14 years. I have 3 children and 3 stepchildren, 12 grandchildren, 1 great-grandchild and another great-grandchild on the way.  I work full time as an office manager for a chain of convenience stores.  I also manage a government subsidized housing project for the elderly and handicap/disabled.  About 1 1/2 years ago I discovered digital scrap booking and I have been doing digital layouts ever since.  I especially like to scrap the grandchildren.

Paula failed to tell you what an addict she is..hehehe. I have known her since she came to the SBM forums and she is a wonderful lady, a great friend and scrap booking buddy.  I feel very lucky she decided to join the team..and I am so proud of her ..Paula had in her head how she wanted to scrap and let me tell you she's worked very had to get there..she even took classes on Adobe Here's some new pages done by doll.




isn't that beautiful..credits are here,the word art and frame are from a feebie last week


this is page two of her layout..she used my freebie frame and word art on this one  these are just beautiful you can see the credits here. Paula has more beautiful layouts in her gallery at SBM. another awesome choice of word art Paula..looks great.

My friend Jeni at Chaos Lounge made this beautiful page Inner-Strength

She used KimB's Designs new kit Just Because and my word art..thanks Jen..

Be sure you stop by  DSO today and check out all the new things in the store.

Friends, I am hosting a challenge this month in the DSO forum..its called "The Photo Op Stop"...its my first ever challenge and I'm sure hoping you all pop in and  DSO_LR_Preview

do the's a preview of the gift you will receive for participating

I have a favor to ask of our CT members, corps has been sick now for quiet a few weeks..she has been to several doctors and taken several rounds of antibiotics ..she found out last week it was some teeth causing all the problems.  She had them taken out but she's still not feeling well because of all the infection..please say a prayer for her..I know she would appreciate it..

Where has the morning gone??? I have been telling myself I was going to get my blog posted earlier every day but as usual I'm late..I do have a little something for you today..several months ago I did this layout of my niece and I got so many compliments on it I thought you might like to have it so I made you a QP..I just love QP they are so  perfect when you need a layout and don't have time to make it yourself..just pop in your picture and you're all done..


I used a kit called close knit by KimB's Designs and here's your QP


Its time to go a ton of washing to do..I think I hear it calling my name..I will see you tomorrow and I have a story for you about my grandsons..blows my mind..until then keep smiling, keep looking up, big much love Jazzy.