Friday, February 19, 2010


throwing your computer out the window and pulling your hair out!!!!

That’s the way I feel right now…I’ve been working on this computer since Friday and I’m hoping it stays on for me to write this blog..Miss Lucy is tired of life I believe..she keeps trying to just shut down and never wake up..but I keep telling her “Lucy, (that’s what I call her when I’m upset with her)sugar honey baby, you just can’t do that until my ship comes in or my rich Uncle (unknown) dies” lol

At this point in time I’ve about got all of my programs reinstalled.  I’ve been going thru CD’s putting some things back on that didn’t survive Lucy’s latest episode, and decided this was a good time to do some spring cleaning (early) and get rid of a lot of things I never used..but I’m a pack rat of sorts, and I keep thinking “you might need that or want to use that” but then I know I would just forget I saved it and never use it..just ask my sister, she told me the other day my computer room was a mess..referring mostly to my bookcase which is shelves of stuff piled every which way, but I like it like that, I know where everything is when I want it!! I have to agree with her that it needs a good cleaning to get Chase on the cleaning part this weekend..

Well, where should I start, a lot has happened since we talked last, a week ago today we got some snow..not just a dusting..but real honest to goodness, stick to the ground snow!! Here’s a picture my sister made of how much of the white stuff there was in my mothers yard…wouldn’t you know it, the kids had my camera making new pictures of the kids. I called Kendra to tell her to make pictures and she was outside building a snowman..Kaylen hated it and was standing at the door watching her, I’m betting this picture is the only we’ll have LOL

It was so beautiful falling, I was in the computer room trying to finish some new word art, I had the blinds open so I could watch it fall, but I have this problem, I can’t see to work on the computer with my glasses on, and I can’t see 2 feet with them off, so all I was doing was taking them off and on. Out  my window I could see the school yard and the church and the some other yards also across the street, and it looked like a picture. Two little girls were in the school yard trying to build a snowman but they had to stop and have a snowball battle, I had a good time just watching them play.Wouldn’t you know it, I have a huge magnolia tree right outside my window, and not one flake stuck under

I know some of you were buried under the white stuff and hated it, I am sure it would get old and dangerous if you lost power and had no heat or no way to cook, or not to be able to travel on the roads, but I bet all of your children LOVED it..NO SCHOOL..I remember when my girls were growing up, we used to get several good snows a year, we would get prepared by getting good books to read, movies to watch, and plenty of junk was rare when we lost power, unless we had ice..because snow shuts everything down hear the word snow on the news and there is a rush on the grocery stores for milk, bread, sandwich fixings. I have been late getting there and found the shelves bare of bread and coolers with no milk!  OK OK enough about snow!

I just watched a preview of a new mini series coming to HBO in March, its called The Pacific. If you liked Pearl Harbor, you should love this one..I can’t wait to see it..

I managed to finish a word art set between down time..I’m hoping it will be in the store early next week..its called Rustic Warmth and it was made to accompany KimB’s Designs new kit of the same name. Check back for release date.

Several weeks ago my friend, Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 asked me to make her some word art for her memorial page for her dear husband. I was so thrilled that she asked to make it for her..this is the beautiful layout she made.  Visit her Blog and read the sweet and loving message she wrote to him.


Thank you for sharing it are a sweetie. (Love the little Fireman Bear)

My CT have made some beautiful pages..let me show them to you..

You can check out the credits for each one HERE

KimB made this for one of our designers Shannon, of her little girl..



From crlin



From scoobie81


WHAT LOVE IS word art

From lainey



O2BNGdHope also made one but I lost it when my computer had to be reformatted..will save that for another day. All the layouts were just beautiful girls…I’m so proud of my talented CT..

I have something else I wanted to mention to sure would be great if you would leave a comment now and then, I know you have been here, the counter changes ..but I sure would like to know if you like the blog, if you would like to share anything, a joke, a story, just anything, if you like the layouts from my CT, just a hi and bye would be nice LOL…I know I am the world’s worst about blog hopping, but when I do I always try and leave a comment..I’m going to try to do better about that.. friends, I guess you are tired of reading…thanks for dropping by, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend..stay safe.



Thursday, February 11, 2010


Good morning’s a cloudy cold day here…I know some of you are buried under snow and ice..the winter has really come in with a bang this year…even Alabama is expecting some snow on Friday…of course only predictions of 1-3 inches and most of it is to the south and will miss me…but they did change the forecast a little this morning saying cities more to the north might see an inch..or a dusting..probably the latter because I love it so!

All of  you please stay safe..and I hope you are not without power and heat..

I have new word art in the store..its the last of my Love series..FOR THE LOVE OF FAMILY


For The Love Of Family is the final set in my love series.
It's all about the joy and sweetness of families and the special love they share.
There are 15 word art phrases each on its own png file.
They are done in traditional Valentine colors but can be re-colored,re-sized,and are done at 300 ppi.
These could also be used for cards and other crafts.
They are sure to give your layouts that wow factor,and show your love.
For the Love of Family is a must have for your word art collection. You can find it HERE

I made a couple of layouts using it..


I have to tell you about this was Easter Sunday around dad had not been out of the hospital long from having his leg amputated..I thought I was hot stuff in my Easter looked like a big beehive and it was BRIGHT ORANGE SILK FLOWERS! in different shades..big chunky beads, also orange, gloves..yep orange dress was off white as were my shoes..Cathy looked so cute in her dress with all the crinolines and lacy socks..and of course her hat was more  I remember that day so well..


Angie and her family, they got to go to a Dodgers game when they played the Braves in Atlanta..they all had a wonderful time. I tinted the picture as the Dodger blues did not match my layout..!!

Here are some layouts my CT did… Credits for the following pages can be found HERE

By Lainey


Grandparents Love

From Junebugmom68


A Sunshine Day

Chaos Lounge


Funky Love Lines

Here’s a couple of pics of my “Youngest Valentines”




Kaylen Kaylen..

I made these frames to do some layouts of them and thought you might like to have them..There are 5 pink frames and 5 blue…


There here if you want to grab them

I’m off to take a nap..ya’ll take care of yourselves…stay indoors and stay safe…Have a great day..Hugs Jazzy


Monday, February 8, 2010

Congratulations Saints

Good Monday morn everyone..hope you had a great weekend. How about the Super Bowl…it was a great game and the Saints came from behind to win..I don’t keep up with pro ball much..I like to watch the Tennessee Titans but that’s about it..I decided to be for the Saints because they were the underdog and they had never won the Super Bowl before..they played their hearts out and came from behind in the 3rd quarter and won!  The folks in New Orleans needed that….they haven’t fully recovered from Katrina.

I had a good weekend…half of the time anyway LOL My photo shop tired its best to die on me on Friday night and Saturday..I’m thinking it was because of all the fonts I I need lots of them, heck that’s the MAIN part of all my designing..but I got rid of a ton of them that I didn’t use and cleaned out some other stuff so I’m hoping it will run better now..

Sunday was a great day..Angie and the boys came down for the day, Angie and I cooked and Mother and Cathy came over to eat with us, we watched a good movie and just had a good time being together…Cathy has been down with her back this weekend..she couldn’t even sit at the computer and play Bejeweled..I finally got her to take a desk chair that I wasn’t using, home with her and it worked…I called her last night during the ballgame and she was using the computer…LOL.I like playing Bejeweled to but I have decided I am too old, too slow, and can’t score gets to a certain point and never moves till they wipe them out on Tuesday..Cathy and Angie are both good at it..and Cathy got my cousin hooked on it too! Hope you are feeling better sis.

My A Sunshine Day is still on is KimB’s kit A Sunshiney Day  My word art is designed to accompany Kim’s kit..


I have some wonderful eye candy for you this morning.

From Lainey


She also used paper from KimB’s Blog Freebie and a frame by one of Kim’s CT can find them both Here


Again using Kim’s blog freebie and my freebie frame and cluster..she turned it around and I love how it looks..Isn’t that a darling picture..

Jen at Chaos Lounge made this beauty


She used parts of Kim’s part of Forever and After , and GS Creations Forever and After and word art from my Sunshine Day

From MumaSue


Descriptions Teenage Boys Hearty Tardy kit by KimB’s


Grandparents Love  Soft Whisper by KimB’s Designs  this is Sue’s little nephew, isn’t he precious and so special to all of his family. 

I forgot to remind you about my Altered Photo Challenge  take my challenge and you will receive this posting gift from me


While you are at the Challenge Blog check out the other designers challenges for more posting gifts.

The talented designers at DSO have lots of new goodies for you.

Ok gang, that’s all for today..have a great day.


Friday, February 5, 2010


Good Morning everyone..don’t faint because I have actually blogged 3 times this week..a 1st for me lately!

My middle GS Chase has been visiting me since Monday, he came over to help me go pay bills and get groceries and so on. Last night he cleaned my house..he even WASHED DISHES, and he HATES doing bathroom is sparkling too! He washed and dried the towels and today he is going to clean the computer room…what a job that's going to be!!

It’s a cold, rainy, dreary day here, that said, I guess you are wondering about the topic of today’s blog! Here is what KimB’s Designs has new today..A Sunshiney Day kit and it makes you feel all sunshiney and good..





A Sunshiney Day

and I have a new word art set made to coordinate with Kim’s new kit..

A Sunshine Day - Wordart

A SUNSHINE DAY has 15 regular png files and 6 shadowed  ones, they can easily be re-colored and re-sized.  They are on sale NOW

Here are some pages I made using Kim’s kit and my word art.




lr-Love the moment

By scoobie81


To celebrate A Sunshine Day I made you something


Cluster Frame with word art.

I think I’m going back to bed and take a little nap…it’s a perfect day for it!! Chase stayed up until 4:30 playing a game on the computer so I’m sure he won’t be up for Hope you all have a great weekend..stay safe.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Good Wednesday morning everyone…I know, I know, 2 blogs this week…I’m on a roll!!!!

I have a little story for you this morning, about a cat and a rat who were friends! I know all of you have “Pet” stories about you children and this one came to my mind last night so I thought I would share it..

Lori took the boys to the pet store one day as all of them loved to go and look at the exotic birds and so on…well this day they came back with 2 tiny white RATS, cages and the works. I nearly had a heart attack but of course, I gave in. They just had instructions to keep them in their rooms.  The lady at the pet store told them Rats were smart and you could train them. Josh started fooling with his, he named him Tiny,and lo and behold Tiny learned his name. He followed Josh like a little puppy.

Tiny also learned how to get out of his cage, so most times he was running around in Josh’s room…and in the do pets know the ones who like them least..because that rat LOVED to come in my room and sit on my bedside table..I woke up more than once with him staring at me!!! One day the kids were at school and he got in my room, I had to pick that darn rat up by his long, ugly tail and put him in Josh’s room YUCK!!!1

We had a cat named Floyd at that time..and when Floyd was in the house Josh had to make sure Tiny was not out. One day Floyd was in and Josh realized that Tiny was not in his room..Tiny loved to get in Josh’s messy closet and sleep..and he wasn’t there..Josh went looking for him and calling him, yes he would come to you when you called him..he came running in my room and I hadn’t seen him, I told Josh to look under my bed and lo and behold this is what he found


From then on they were good friends, they played together and took naps together and amazed everyone.  Tiny caught a bad cold and got very sick one night, Josh was trying to give him breathing treatments and Oxygen but the little fella died before we could get him to a vet.  Josh grieved over that rat for days and weeks..Now, Chase was another story, his rat got out of the house the 1st week he had him..didn’t bother happy go lucky Chase, he just played with Tiny..  I have more funny pet stories for another day!

Don’t forget my part of the pic ur bits kit “Forever and After”


Here is some beautiful eye candy by Lainey



Forever and After

Andrea made this one


Funky Love Lines …Thanks for using my word art on this beautiful layout.

From Chaos Lounge


Forever and a Day…Thanks Jen for this beautiful layout, your layouts always make my word art look pretty..

Jen has a new colab kit out and this is her part of it



Flutterbies and Pollilops  this is a beautiful and fun’s what I made with it…my own little “Katlen in a Box”


I have a little something for you today..


LOL, well I see I gave it 2 names…why I don’t know, just chalk it up to old age!!

Hope you have a great Wednesday.


Monday, February 1, 2010


Good Monday Morning Everyone..hope  you all had a great weekend..mine was quiet and I only left the house to go to my mom’s to eat supper on Saturday and Sunday, my sister is the best cook..I ate both nights till I was so stuffed I could hardly breathe.. I did get a lot accomplished design wise and I actually got my laundry all caught up too!

I guess  you’re wondering about my catchy little title aren’t you LOL..well DSO has another first for you today..Most stores do big collab kits with all of the designers contributing a part to make one big kit..Now you may like it all, or you may like only a few parts, but you have to buy the entire kit to get them..OK hold on to your seats..

The DSO designers did a “Pick Ur Bits” kit, what this means is…we had a color pallet and a name for the kit (Forever and After) and each of us made a part, only each designers portion  is priced separately, so you only have to buy what you like, or buy them all..and this is the really great part, no kit is more than $2.50..some are only $1.00 WOW you can’t beat that can you?

Here’s a little preview of all  the parts of the kitDSO-EVERAFTER

and here is my part. It matches the other portions submitted by the talented designers at

The name of the WA is Forever & After.. Here are a few layouts my CT and I made using them.

From Pkdoll


Paula also used parts of KimB’s and GS Creations kits.

I made these


I used my word art cluster, paper,mat and birdcage from KimB’s Designs  and the little elves are from GS Creations part of Forever and Always.Love-DividedRS

I used my word art cluster and paper from GS Creations, heart and swirl from KimB’s Designs elements.  My mother had 7 brothers and sisters and there were 14 grandchildren, this is a picture of some of us and some of our kids..can you find me? Kim did LOL..

I also made you a little something today


You can get it HERE

Well duckies I am out of here for today, hope you all have a wonderful day and don’t forget to go shopping at DSO today, and be sure to stop by Words To Delite.. :)