Friday, February 19, 2010


throwing your computer out the window and pulling your hair out!!!!

That’s the way I feel right now…I’ve been working on this computer since Friday and I’m hoping it stays on for me to write this blog..Miss Lucy is tired of life I believe..she keeps trying to just shut down and never wake up..but I keep telling her “Lucy, (that’s what I call her when I’m upset with her)sugar honey baby, you just can’t do that until my ship comes in or my rich Uncle (unknown) dies” lol

At this point in time I’ve about got all of my programs reinstalled.  I’ve been going thru CD’s putting some things back on that didn’t survive Lucy’s latest episode, and decided this was a good time to do some spring cleaning (early) and get rid of a lot of things I never used..but I’m a pack rat of sorts, and I keep thinking “you might need that or want to use that” but then I know I would just forget I saved it and never use it..just ask my sister, she told me the other day my computer room was a mess..referring mostly to my bookcase which is shelves of stuff piled every which way, but I like it like that, I know where everything is when I want it!! I have to agree with her that it needs a good cleaning to get Chase on the cleaning part this weekend..

Well, where should I start, a lot has happened since we talked last, a week ago today we got some snow..not just a dusting..but real honest to goodness, stick to the ground snow!! Here’s a picture my sister made of how much of the white stuff there was in my mothers yard…wouldn’t you know it, the kids had my camera making new pictures of the kids. I called Kendra to tell her to make pictures and she was outside building a snowman..Kaylen hated it and was standing at the door watching her, I’m betting this picture is the only we’ll have LOL

It was so beautiful falling, I was in the computer room trying to finish some new word art, I had the blinds open so I could watch it fall, but I have this problem, I can’t see to work on the computer with my glasses on, and I can’t see 2 feet with them off, so all I was doing was taking them off and on. Out  my window I could see the school yard and the church and the some other yards also across the street, and it looked like a picture. Two little girls were in the school yard trying to build a snowman but they had to stop and have a snowball battle, I had a good time just watching them play.Wouldn’t you know it, I have a huge magnolia tree right outside my window, and not one flake stuck under

I know some of you were buried under the white stuff and hated it, I am sure it would get old and dangerous if you lost power and had no heat or no way to cook, or not to be able to travel on the roads, but I bet all of your children LOVED it..NO SCHOOL..I remember when my girls were growing up, we used to get several good snows a year, we would get prepared by getting good books to read, movies to watch, and plenty of junk was rare when we lost power, unless we had ice..because snow shuts everything down hear the word snow on the news and there is a rush on the grocery stores for milk, bread, sandwich fixings. I have been late getting there and found the shelves bare of bread and coolers with no milk!  OK OK enough about snow!

I just watched a preview of a new mini series coming to HBO in March, its called The Pacific. If you liked Pearl Harbor, you should love this one..I can’t wait to see it..

I managed to finish a word art set between down time..I’m hoping it will be in the store early next week..its called Rustic Warmth and it was made to accompany KimB’s Designs new kit of the same name. Check back for release date.

Several weeks ago my friend, Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 asked me to make her some word art for her memorial page for her dear husband. I was so thrilled that she asked to make it for her..this is the beautiful layout she made.  Visit her Blog and read the sweet and loving message she wrote to him.


Thank you for sharing it are a sweetie. (Love the little Fireman Bear)

My CT have made some beautiful pages..let me show them to you..

You can check out the credits for each one HERE

KimB made this for one of our designers Shannon, of her little girl..



From crlin



From scoobie81


WHAT LOVE IS word art

From lainey



O2BNGdHope also made one but I lost it when my computer had to be reformatted..will save that for another day. All the layouts were just beautiful girls…I’m so proud of my talented CT..

I have something else I wanted to mention to sure would be great if you would leave a comment now and then, I know you have been here, the counter changes ..but I sure would like to know if you like the blog, if you would like to share anything, a joke, a story, just anything, if you like the layouts from my CT, just a hi and bye would be nice LOL…I know I am the world’s worst about blog hopping, but when I do I always try and leave a comment..I’m going to try to do better about that.. friends, I guess you are tired of reading…thanks for dropping by, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend..stay safe.




Di @ Legacy4Life said...

Jazzy. So sorry to hear about your computer problems. Hang in there.

Love Di

Lainey said...

Hi, Jazzy! Glad to see your computer is back up and running!!! Love your WA signature --- very lovely!

Penny S said...

Dang Electronics. It's a love/hate relationship. Love it when it works, hate it when it doesn't. Keep your chin up!

makeyesup said...

Don't throw the computer out the window, you know you couldn't live without it. I got a new one and a new service at the same time a week ago. Going crazy trying to get everything I need installed on this one and not everything works with Windows 7. And yes, there is the adjustment period to learn the new Windows version as I really like XP. Then, I'm just like all the others around here, had to go and get myself ill, arthritis and sciatic nerve acted up and having trouble walking and not falling. So, haven't been on too much as my computer is on the second floor of my home. Have just read and tried to catch up here. Love layouts tha people do with your wordart and also keeping up with your little people. Mine came over yesterday as they were worried about Gramma. They know I'm stubborn and strong and will conquer anything the Lord gives me. Take care, enjoy your snow, mine is fading, and more expected tonight, so will be white again in Illinois. Sorry that I was so windy here.

pkdoll said...

Hi Jazzy!!

Loving your new WA! Great pages are being done by the CT and I miss you! Sure am sorry that your computer is not cooperating again. That's such a pain when that happens. Wish you luck on getting it up and running. Will email or call you soon so we can chat!!:)

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Morning Sweety!!!!!!
Sorry its taken me awhile to stop back by!!!!
Just trying to cope with my leg & knee pain & everything else going on!!!! LOL
We are bracing down for another slew of winter storms to hit us sgain later today!!!!!!
I'm so ready for SPRING !!!! LOL
I'm just thankul for the short time that Don & I had together even though alot of it was sad times due to deaths in our familes including 2 of our own babies, I could go on to write about it but it would be a whole book!!! LOL
So I've learned to take it one day at a time!!!!!!!
HUGE GIANT HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lainey said...

Jazzy, You've been very quiet this week. I hope that you are well and in good health enjoying your newly rebuilt computer.

Di @ Legacy4Life said...

Jazzy - where are you girl? Starting to get a little worried here.

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Morning Sweety!!!!!!!!

オテモヤン said...


Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Morning Jazzy!!!!!!
I'm just popping in to let you some LOVIN!!!!!!!!!!!!
You've got me worried I SURE HOPE everything is alright!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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