Monday, September 8, 2008

Stranger in the House

and its ME...between my cold, Arthur and Bertie waging war on me, and the BIG INSPECTION, well--needless to say I've been kinda out of pocket..I have been eating pain pills and muscle relaxers and taking anti inflammatory once a day I've been knocked out for a few days..My grandson Josh and my Daughter worked and worked on the wasn't that dirty its just what all you have to do, clean and wax the floors, clean stove and fridge, clean closets, no clutter anywhere an so on..I still have boxes in the closet floor I haven't unpacked..and my laundry room was something else, you know how you tend to stash things in a room that's not seen...welllll since I moved in March that's what I have been doing, I kept meaning to clean it out, but as I am sometimes a procrastinator, I never did...poor Angie got the job..they have my apartment looking better than when I moved Friday comes and I wait and I wait and I wait some more, keeping all doors closed so Gemma won't mess them up, twice I found her in my bed, under the covers, looked like a lump in the bed..hehehe..and you know what...THEY DIDN'T SHOW UP to inspect..I was angry to say the least..I don't know if they are coming today or not...the kids didn't come over this weekend so it still look good..have a few little things to straighten up..but I'm sure proud of it..

I got something I've been wanting for a long time though..A computer room, since Chase moved out his room has been empty save for a I got my big computer desk from my old house, and my big chair, and we cleaned Chase's room good and moved my computer and all my things into his room..moved a chest from Andrews room into my room, moved the small computer desk to Andrews room..since they finally came and picked up his medical equipment and supplies, they cleaned the bedroom and lowered the bed as far as would go, put a bedspread on it..and a night stand and lamp, it looks like a regular br now..I never went in there before, It was just too painful.

So that about sums up what I've been doing. I have some things to show you today...

Oh by the way, have you picked up my grab bag yet?  They go off sale you better hurry before Bunny moved them and they will be regular price..

I have some beautiful layouts from my CT..they are such wonderful and talented ladies..I'm so lucky to have them all..


Crops made this beautiful layout..she used one of my dance word arts..thanks corps love this one..

pjk-bribelsav copy

This beauty is from PKDoll, she used  some things from KimB's last grab bag sale...I love those little dresses hangin on the tree..these are 3 of her granddaughters..she used more of my dance word art.


You know this has to be from Marion, we have another picture of Sweet Baby James, it just thrills me to see his pictures and see how much better he looks and is doing....he's a miracle baby! This layout is just beautiful Marion..I love those hearts around the page..and the word art she chose is from Special Ones..and its just perfect for this page..


Maggie Mae made this awesome layout..she used word art from the Love set.

Remember if any of you have used my word art in your layouts please send them as I would love to see them.

I made you a little something..sorta  a preview to upcoming sets..


Today is wash day so I guess I better get to it..I hear it calling until we meet again, keep smiling, keep looking up and big much love Jazzy