Monday, January 18, 2010


Good morning everyone…hope you all had a great week..

Where did the week go? Here it is Monday again and I didn’t blog all week…My sister so kindly reminded me last night..thanks sis!!

Happy Martin Luther King Day. I admired him and it’s so sad that we lost him just at the time, in our countries history, that  we needed him the most. His dream for peace is one we should all pray for, now especially, when our country is in turmoil and we have so many of out troops on foreign soils..and so many other countries troops are there also.

I think I had the blahs all week..just couldn’t get in the mood to do anything but lay around and watch TV..I had my friend Betty on my mind a lot..I sure miss her.

I played Bejeweled some, but my score never seems to change..LOL..all my friends are way up there in the hundreds of thousands, my sister has gone over 200,000..and Angie always has high scores.. I’ve managed to get over 100,000 one time and wouldn’t you know it, they changed the score the next day and no one saw it! I have to put my face in the monitor to see anyway, and my eyes just miss all the matches…I think that game just drops those jewels where there are no matches on my game!! Getting too old, too slow, but it’s fun and it passes a lot of time..

Friday  I decided to cook spaghetti and called my mom to see if she and Cathy wanted some..they said yes, but mother didn’t feel like getting out.. I decided the easiest way to carry it over would be to make a casserole..ever had a spaghetti casserole..I browned lots of onions, then browned my meat and added the onions back in, put in my sauce.. I broke my spaghetti noodles up in small pieces..then I layered it like I do lasagna..noodles, sauce and mozzarella cheese.. then another layer of the same.. it turned out really well..

Cathy made a big salad and bread and we had a great meal..we also had it again Sunday night and it was better than it was on Friday.

I finally started back working on some word art Friday night and Saturday and got a new set into Quality Control last night, its the last in my Love Series for Valentines Day..

KimB’s Designs has her beautiful Overlay CU Bag and its still on sale..she has revealed it for you..only 2 more days to get it at this great price!





I do have some beautiful eye candy to show you today.

First I want to show you a beautiful card made by Vanessa. She used LooCees Creations Love Actually Kit..and some of my word art..


You can get this beautiful kit HERE

LouCee LA Card

The word art is from my part of the DSO New Years Day Blog.

From MumaSue

She used KimB’s Kit A Fresh Start and my A Fresh Start Word Art for her new Blog..I think it turned out great.

From Chaos Lounge using Descriptions Teenage Girls


Another from Chaos Lounge also using Descriptions Teenage Girls


From KimB using Tiny Love Notes and her new, soon to be released kit..


From Junebugmom68, also using Descriptions Teenage Girls


From scoobie81 using Grandparents Love


Thank you girls, these are all  just beautiful..I love them!

I promised you a present for the next I made you something for your Valentine layouts..


You can recolor resize and use them many ways..some could be frames..hope you like them..

Have a great Monday..see you soon.