Monday, October 19, 2009


Hello Everyone

Hope you all had a great weekend, I spend mine indoors wrapped in a blanket watching TV and sleeping..didn’t feel well and didn’t even get Kaylen or Jaxon for the weekend..You know I must not have felt good LOL

Auburn lost again this week  :( …. we have a new coach this year and a lot of changes going on…I have faith though that we will be a team to contend with next season..I still love em and enjoy the games..I missed having kaylen to watch the game with me..she picked up the word go from me and now she gets right in front of the tv and does her little arm in the air (like her Nana) and says go, go , go…its so cute…then she will run over to me and say, go go go Nana…a memory I will cherish…I had Josh watching games with me when he was 3 months old..I converted him to an Auburn fan, but I could never convert Chase or Andrew, their dads corrupted them to Bama fans… LOL

Kendra is an Alabama fan, Josh told her she could make Jaxon a Bama fan but leave Kaylen alone, her Nana, her Dad and her Meme (Lori) her Aunt Angie, and her cousin Gage are all Auburn fans! 



Here’s some pics of Josh at 3 months and 9 months..I started him out early..the top picture was the day Auburn played Syracuse in the Sugar Bowl..our coach was Pat Dye then, and in the last few seconds of the game he tied it with a field goal,( back then there was no overtime in college games) and that became the first Bowl game ever tied..Syracuse coach sent him a bunch of old ties and he became know as TIE DYE.

I guess its time to stop the football talk and get down to the eye candy business….I am so happy to see Paula back, (PK Doll)she’s been out of pocket for awhile but she is back again and still doing those beautiful layouts of her’s…and we have a new CT member, Lainey, she’s been sending me a lot of new layouts lately with my word art so I told her she needed to be on the team, she wrote back that she would love it..both Paula and Lainey have blogs so pop on over they have freebies for you so pop on over and leave them some love..

From PK Doll


This is her beautiful GGD and she used my Jean Genie WA

From Lainey



Lainey used word art from Wise Words set, she also used a new kit by Andrea Dickinson Timeless Beauty

Halloween is just around the corner so I made you some Halloween word art and also a frame to go with’s my layout


I used one of the papers from Kim’s Paper Bundle Set in her store I’m just loving these papers..seems like I’m stuck on Josh pics today, lol this was the only halloween one I could find still left on the computer..didn’t have any Bama pics on here at


If you want it you can grab it here

I’m running so late blogging today..I am leaving you all now, I’m going to see my babies..its been a week since I’ve seen them and I am about to go into withdrawals LOL