Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wednesday Already!!

I lost Tuesday and tried all day to find him but to no avail..finally got me down so bad I said forget today...LOL..guess you know I'm talking about Arthur and Bertie...sorry I never made it yesterday...and thought I wasn't going today..

Well guess what, they finally came yesterday and did my inspection, bed wasn't made..I was it in when she came to the door..and she barely looked at the rest of the rooms..just look closely at the stove and fridge and cabinets..checking to see if I was attracting bugs time I will know what to expect..she was here all of 5 minutes!!

My new set of word art Here Kitty is in the store today...I really think you are going to like it, here's little preview.LR_HereKitty_Wordart_Bundle

I thi nk all of you cat lovers will like can check it out here at the store

I have some pretty layouts to show you today..

mailo welcome mouse (600 x 600)

My friend Sylvia sent me this pretty page..isn't her kitty pretty..she used one of wa  from my freebie Cat Lovers..thanks Phyllis it..

Spring Passion 2

Renee my friend and co CT member sent me this beauty..these are statues that are in someone's yard . She used my Nature Set..thanks Renee for sending this

oq-VUq8cIArrCfivZed2Cz70RBYRRG- 0300

Crops sent me this one..its so pretty..makes me feel peaceful..she used my Nature word art also..


Maggie Mae did this fun layout...this is her grandson John Paul..isn't he a doll, we have been watching him grown up in pictures from Maggie it...this is so cute..she used word art from my Little Boys set..

pjk-Babies stay babies

This precious little one is from PKDoll she used my SweetBaby word art her a visit at her blog to get this lovely

Quick Page Freebie and out where you can get this great new kit...

I am making a scrapbook for Josh and Chase of their mother and I had this picture of her first day of school..I needed a frame for it so this is the one I made..


I thought you might like to have it so I made you one in psd format so you can arrange it anyway you like...It here if you would like it...If you get it please me a little note and tell me if you like it...a little luv never hurt anyone LOL..

Ok my friends I'm off to take a have a great day and smile...keep looking up and big much love Jazzy