Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wet Wednesday

Good Morning Everyone...hope your day has been a good's going to be a wet one here today..Can't Wait..NOT!! I had plans to take Kaylen outside today for a walk..the weather has been so warm and pretty and spring like for the past few days.  Gosh and speaking of Spring, its just around the corner..

Well, I mentioned Kaylen so this great grandma has to do some bragging..Of course she is the most beautiful, smartest, and wonderful little girl in the world!! I can't believe she will be 8 months old this month..where did the time go..seems like when we got her in December she was just little baby and now she is crawling and sitting along, saying a few words..her favorite being DA DA..that little girl sure loves her daddy..when he walks in the room her face breaks out in the biggest prettiest smile you have ever seen and she starts squealing Da Da so she for sure knows who he is..

She says Heyeeeeee  and sometimes she will throw up her hand at you..she knows who I am but she will not say Nana unless she is mad at her daddy, is hungry, wants out of the bed, or off the floor, when she is upset or distressed then she calls nana nana nana non stop LOL..( hummm wonder if that could mean I have her spoiled) She loves to rock and for me to read to her so we spend a lot of time doing that.

She us just such a happy content baby who always has a big smile for everyone..never meets a stranger...very seldom cries and LOVES to sleep LOL..she went back to sleep yesterday afternoon about 4 o'clock and she did not wake up until 4 am this morn...she put her passy back in her mouth and  went right back to sleep and is still in her bed...

Ok I will force myself to stop talking about her as I could do it all day and I'm sure you don't want to listen all day..LOL

You know what a new month means at DSO..yep the Challenges..what a great way to have fun and be rewarded for it..I host the photo op challenge all you have to do is alter the photo or photos you use in your layout in some way, tell us what you did to achieve your look and you will receive a posting bonus from me..this is what it is this month..

Please hop on over to the forum and get in on the fun..and be sure you do my challenge and make me look good to the boss!!

There is some big news at DSO, we have a new designer, she is none other that KimB's little sister the digital design world is really going to be set on its feet by the two of them Gaye has her first kit up in the store and its called Easter Garden. Everything in the kit she made her self, they are drawn and hand painted and just beautiful..

Here's a preview..

Isn't this just beautiful..You can find it here and its on sale too.

Kims new kit Camping Out is still on sale for a few days gotta have this one folks..

Got some eye candy for you too..


This is another awesome page by my friend Omajo at the colors and how she has her grandson taking a nap on the flower petal..thanks for sending it to me..


Sue made this lovely heritage layout..I love the mat the picture is on and the beautiful cluster..she used my Family Joy word art.

purepixels send me this new one of her beautiful little girl..


This is just awesome with the lace doily frame and the beautiful cluster work..and what a precious picture of her little girl..she used my Inspiration word art

It will soon be St Patricks day and I made you a little something Irish today..

St Pattys Day Rose copy

I made you a quick page from this layout I did..I used a kit by Chaos Lounge called Summers End.

Wild Irish Rosejpg

The word art a separate png file so you don't have to use it on the page unless you want...Hope you like it and enjoy..

You can find it at

I think thats about all for today, I hear Kaylen gooing and talking in her bed..guess she wants food  you all have a wonderful day, wear that smile and keep looking up..big much love Jazzy