Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Good Morning Everyone hope things are going well for  you today.

I am so in a slump  here, my get up and go got up and went!  I can’t seem to get moving this morning.  Might be old age has a part in it..LOL

I tell you, there are so many nasty virus’s going around now, it makes me leery of surfing the web…Kim B. got hit by one that has had her out of commission for awhile, and needless to say, having bad design withdrawals! 

A lot of these virus start by popping up a message on your computer, they look official too, some people see a msg about a virus and they panic and click on the wrong button and wham you have one..some of them just pop up and start running a scan…I have had too many of those the past few days..I just immediately shut down my browser and then my computer.  I have spyware programs running  in the background all the time, and my anti-virus software..but these nasty buggers get by them somehow.

Please be careful when you are using the internet. There are so many wonderful people on the net, but there are also some who aren’t nice and love to destroy..

Don’t forget my new word art that is in the store now..

What Love Is

What Love Is

What Love Is

$4.00 $3.20
Save: 20% off

What Love Is, the 2nd set in my Love series, is perfect for that special someone in your life. There are 15 word arts each on an individual png file. These are just in time for your Valentine layouts. Any one of the phrases will add that special something to your page. They can be re-colored and re-sized and are done in 300 dpi. 
WHAT LOVE IS is a must have for your word art collection.

I have been in a slump this week with my designing..I seem to lost my mojo, everything I make I don’t like, I leave it and then look back and start re-doing..I just can’t come up with anything I really like..

My CT hasn’t been in a slump LOL they have made some beautiful pages that I want to share.

From Nancy


Descriptions Teenage Boys



By scoobie81


Descriptions Teenage Girls

From MumaSueTheKiss-v2-600

Funky Love Lines and I Thee Wed

From scoobie81


Descriptions-Teenage Girls

Thanks girls, these are all beautiful..loved Nancy’s moody teenager, he has the expression to fit the title, I also love all the pink in her other page. scoobies rabbit page is so adorable and fun..aren’t those babies precious..MumaSue wedding page is unusual with the black but also beautiful..and scoobies Object of my afftection is just gorgeous and unique with the while bg.

If you liked these layouts, leave the girls some love, it sure makes them feel good, and me tooooo!

No pressy today, sorry everyone, I will have you something next time..

Have a great day.


Saturday, January 23, 2010


I hope you are all having a great weekend…Just popped on to show you my new word art.

What Love Is

What Love Is

$4.00 $3.20
Save: 20% off

What Love Is, the 2nd set in my Love series, is perfect for that special someone in your life. There are 15 word arts each on an individual png file. These are just in time for your Valentine layouts. Any one of the phrases will add that special something to your page. They can be re-colored and re-sized and are done in 300 dpi. 
WHAT LOVE IS is a must have for your word art collection.

What Love Is

Some layouts my talented CT made

From Lainey



PK Doll


From MumaSue


From Me



I also have a lot of Love themed word art in my store with more coming soon


Words to Delite

I have something for you today


Passions Blush

You can get it HERE if you like.

Hope you have a great weekend.


Thursday, January 21, 2010


Good Morning everyone I woke up and thought it was about 5 am..went to let Gemma out and saw the clock, it was actually 7:30 and raining cats and dogs..Gemma just looked out and went back to her bed! 

I want to thank you all for the sweet comments after the 4share incident.  I’m so glad that you finally got the Hearts downloaded.

I have some news today and you might want to take some notes..DSO is getting ready to get an online make-over. New this and new that. But to do all this Bunny is going to have to tear into some things. FORUMS, PRIVATE MESSAGING AND THE GALLERY AT DSO will be going down for the facelift on FEBRUARY 1ST.

There is no guarantee that all the Gallery will be able to be saved and uploaded again successfully. It must be de-tangled from the forum bits that will not be saved, but the goal is for the entire Gallery to be re-loaded after the new facelift. Just in case, not all makes it back to its place, it is recommended that if do not have your Layouts saved on your computer you back them up before February 1.

This is very simple to do, just go to your gallery, click on EACH layout, right click, and hit saveas. That’s’re all done. Save them to a folder on your computer or back them up and store them on your external drives.  If the gallery makes it back in tact, just re-load them. We realize this is going to be a bit of an inconveniece but the results will be well worth it. Just hang in there, have patience and we will all get thru this together.

The one thing that WON’T be shutting down are the challenges. You will continue to do them in the Challenge Blog.   Please remember FEBRUARY 1st DSO is going down.

Now that the business is taken care of, I want to show you some of the beautiful new products in the DSO stores.

Passions Blush


Valentine Ribbon Weave Styles

Mini Stripe Lites Style Set

Heart Gelly Styles

Pastel Square Gelly Styles

Grandparents Love

Patterned Overlays # 1

Strings 2

Fab Frames - Glass

Love Actually

Classic Collections Series 3 - Twinkle Twinkle

Elegant Whisper

Fab Frames - Metalic


Descriptions- Teenage Girls

Descriptions- Teenage Boys

Wow, what a selection of items for your Valentines Day layouts, or for any occasion. We have the best designers at DSO, you can rest assured that all the products have been through Quality Check and are as perfect as they can humanly be!

We can’t forget Digi Scrap Vault for all your commercial use products…you know you can rely on these.

here’s a layout I made using LouCees Creations Love Actually Kit


I love this picture of the kids..someone stuck that red bow in Kaylen’s hair…I was surprised she let it stay there!


I made this for you, the hearts are on separate png files..hope you enjoy!

I had problems with 4shared timing out so I used Media Fire again..I tried the download and it worked…

Don’t forget FEBRUARY 1 hope you have a good day Wave


Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Hello Everyone

Wow, I’ve never had such a problem getting a freebie to you before..wonder if that’s a sign LOL..For those who don’t know, 4shared took my file off saying it had the exact name of a file that had been banned, I changed the name about 10 times and always got the same message..I went in search of an alternate place to upload and found Media Fire, uploaded 2 times and got 2 different URL’s, neither would work…this morning I uploaded again…I logged out and tried many times to download and it worked every maybe you can get it now..I’m so happy you like the hearts and hope the problem is fixed ..

Monday, January 18, 2010


Good morning everyone…hope you all had a great week..

Where did the week go? Here it is Monday again and I didn’t blog all week…My sister so kindly reminded me last night..thanks sis!!

Happy Martin Luther King Day. I admired him and it’s so sad that we lost him just at the time, in our countries history, that  we needed him the most. His dream for peace is one we should all pray for, now especially, when our country is in turmoil and we have so many of out troops on foreign soils..and so many other countries troops are there also.

I think I had the blahs all week..just couldn’t get in the mood to do anything but lay around and watch TV..I had my friend Betty on my mind a lot..I sure miss her.

I played Bejeweled some, but my score never seems to change..LOL..all my friends are way up there in the hundreds of thousands, my sister has gone over 200,000..and Angie always has high scores.. I’ve managed to get over 100,000 one time and wouldn’t you know it, they changed the score the next day and no one saw it! I have to put my face in the monitor to see anyway, and my eyes just miss all the matches…I think that game just drops those jewels where there are no matches on my game!! Getting too old, too slow, but it’s fun and it passes a lot of time..

Friday  I decided to cook spaghetti and called my mom to see if she and Cathy wanted some..they said yes, but mother didn’t feel like getting out.. I decided the easiest way to carry it over would be to make a casserole..ever had a spaghetti casserole..I browned lots of onions, then browned my meat and added the onions back in, put in my sauce.. I broke my spaghetti noodles up in small pieces..then I layered it like I do lasagna..noodles, sauce and mozzarella cheese.. then another layer of the same.. it turned out really well..

Cathy made a big salad and bread and we had a great meal..we also had it again Sunday night and it was better than it was on Friday.

I finally started back working on some word art Friday night and Saturday and got a new set into Quality Control last night, its the last in my Love Series for Valentines Day..

KimB’s Designs has her beautiful Overlay CU Bag and its still on sale..she has revealed it for you..only 2 more days to get it at this great price!





I do have some beautiful eye candy to show you today.

First I want to show you a beautiful card made by Vanessa. She used LooCees Creations Love Actually Kit..and some of my word art..


You can get this beautiful kit HERE

LouCee LA Card

The word art is from my part of the DSO New Years Day Blog.

From MumaSue

She used KimB’s Kit A Fresh Start and my A Fresh Start Word Art for her new Blog..I think it turned out great.

From Chaos Lounge using Descriptions Teenage Girls


Another from Chaos Lounge also using Descriptions Teenage Girls


From KimB using Tiny Love Notes and her new, soon to be released kit..


From Junebugmom68, also using Descriptions Teenage Girls


From scoobie81 using Grandparents Love


Thank you girls, these are all  just beautiful..I love them!

I promised you a present for the next I made you something for your Valentine layouts..


You can recolor resize and use them many ways..some could be frames..hope you like them..

Have a great Monday..see you soon.