Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Good Morning Everyone hope things are going well for  you today.

I am so in a slump  here, my get up and go got up and went!  I can’t seem to get moving this morning.  Might be old age has a part in it..LOL

I tell you, there are so many nasty virus’s going around now, it makes me leery of surfing the web…Kim B. got hit by one that has had her out of commission for awhile, and needless to say, having bad design withdrawals! 

A lot of these virus start by popping up a message on your computer, they look official too, some people see a msg about a virus and they panic and click on the wrong button and wham you have one..some of them just pop up and start running a scan…I have had too many of those the past few days..I just immediately shut down my browser and then my computer.  I have spyware programs running  in the background all the time, and my anti-virus software..but these nasty buggers get by them somehow.

Please be careful when you are using the internet. There are so many wonderful people on the net, but there are also some who aren’t nice and love to destroy..

Don’t forget my new word art that is in the store now..

What Love Is

What Love Is

What Love Is

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What Love Is, the 2nd set in my Love series, is perfect for that special someone in your life. There are 15 word arts each on an individual png file. These are just in time for your Valentine layouts. Any one of the phrases will add that special something to your page. They can be re-colored and re-sized and are done in 300 dpi. 
WHAT LOVE IS is a must have for your word art collection.

I have been in a slump this week with my designing..I seem to lost my mojo, everything I make I don’t like, I leave it and then look back and start re-doing..I just can’t come up with anything I really like..

My CT hasn’t been in a slump LOL they have made some beautiful pages that I want to share.

From Nancy


Descriptions Teenage Boys



By scoobie81


Descriptions Teenage Girls

From MumaSueTheKiss-v2-600

Funky Love Lines and I Thee Wed

From scoobie81


Descriptions-Teenage Girls

Thanks girls, these are all beautiful..loved Nancy’s moody teenager, he has the expression to fit the title, I also love all the pink in her other page. scoobies rabbit page is so adorable and fun..aren’t those babies precious..MumaSue wedding page is unusual with the black but also beautiful..and scoobies Object of my afftection is just gorgeous and unique with the while bg.

If you liked these layouts, leave the girls some love, it sure makes them feel good, and me tooooo!

No pressy today, sorry everyone, I will have you something next time..

Have a great day.



lizanne said...

Sorry to hear about your & Kim's problems, Jazzy. Have you ever heard of "Panda Internet Security?" It's a great product that protects your computer against known & unknown viruses (it looks at activity & stops bad activity in it's tracks). I've been using their product for over 5 years now & have never had better protection than with this product (believe me - I have had McAffee, Norton & other pkgs in the past and NOTHING has worked as well as Panda). That, combined with using "Mozilla Firefox" as my browser (hackers don't go after it as much as they do IE), and the use of a free add-on called "Adblock Plus," has kept my computer safe while on the net (or installing software that has hidden adware/spyware). I've seen it stop stuff dead in it's tracks, so I keep renewing my contract with Panda (firefox & adblock plus are free products). Just thought I'd throw that out there in case you are looking for other options. Feel free to pass that info. along to Kim as well.

Lainey said...

Jazzy, I use Mozilla Firefox exclusively with Adblock Pro and No Scripts. No Scripts can be a bit of a pain in that if a site has stuff running you have to physically turn it on but you don't have to worry about scripts running in the background. Another great add-on is Image Zomm so I can get a better look at all they itsy-bitsy graphics which are hard to see with my old eyes.

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good Morning:)
I know what you mean about the virus's.I have had soo many of them this past year.It really makes you leery of surfing the web and makes you more choosy in your downloads...example is this good enough..and do I want it bad enough to take the chance of getting another virus.LOL Evidently I wanted yours bad enough...cause I just downloaded them.:) Thank you soo much for sharing them with me.:)