Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday Already

Hi Gang..

Hope you all had a great weekend..I did..Wow there is the most peculiar sound in my house this morning....SILENCE!! Josh started back to work today, the boys are gone, Kaylen  went home with her Aunt Angie for the week..I am ALONE except for Gemma and she's asleep on her pillow in here with me..I think she's enjoying the silence too..!!!!

Angie and the boys came back down on Saturday..Dave had to work out of town..the boys came here of course and Angie went to my mom's, she and Cathy cooked a Mexican Cornbread Casserole that was out of this world..we all went over for supper and Chase came..Chase, Josh, Gage, and Zane went back to my house, and the girls were going to have a movie marathon... We started out with the Changeling with Angelina was a great movie but so sad..but well worth watching if you haven't seen it..BUT as mother and I slept thru a LOT of it.. we decided not to have the marathon LOL

I came home to a house full of rowdy boys and Caylen trying to keep up with it all and fighting sleep all the way...she was so funny, she has started to rub her eyes when she gets sleepy and she was about to rub them out of the socket..I rocked the both of us to sleep..I think I went before she did...

Josh was playing XBox, Chase was playing games on the computer, Gage and Zane were on their pallet in the living room fixing to watch their movies and I layed down on the couch to be with them..but you know how 8 yr old boys had a toe on the the other ones side, the other had a hand, and so on and so on..I got tired of it so I put one on the couch and I laid down in the floor, the pallet was made out of memory foam and actually very I went to sleep..Let me tell you it wasn't as easy getting up and it was getting down LOL

Oh and in between all this, all of them were going to the kitchen feeding their bottomless pits..Ice cream bars, fruit roll ups, soda, strawberries, and so on...needless to say by the time Sunday afternoon got here its was ALL GONE..

Can you understand why the silence is golden LOL I am so thankful that they are all close now and I can see them a lot..but after days of 8 yr olds and grown boys I am ready for a break LOL..

Remember that all my new word art is still on sale for a few days more..I hope you will go and look at might just find some you have to have..

I have some beautiful eye candy to show you also..


My friend Omajo sent me this one..I love how she did this one ..the extraction is awesome and  the colors are so bright and cheerful..She used my new Dancing Star word art Thanks my friend for sending it

Sue made this one and I love how the altered photo looks like rain falling..she also used Dancing star..


Marion send me this one..Isn't it wonderful..I love how she extracted the picture and put it into this beautiful tranquil background...thanks Marion..she used my Doggie Treats word art

Who can look at this one and not get a big smile...


Pure Pixels send me this one...that face and that hair are so adorable..makes my heart smile..she used All About Kids wordart..

I have a few more but those are for another day.

I made you a little something for today to go along with the spring theme word art from last week..hope you enjoy it..

Spring Frame

You can get it there if you like.

Would you believe I started this blog at 6:45 and its taken me this long to finish...LOL Ive been up and down a LOT..hope you all have a great day, wear that big ole smile, keep looking up and big much love...Jazzy