Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'm Late I'm Late I'M Late

Sorry everyone for being so late with this post.  I feel like Alice in Wonderland when she fell in the hole..HEHEHE

We had storms all day yesterday and it has rained constantly for 3 days and nights..Angie got here yesterday and had been here about 10 minutes when all kinds of storm warnings started going out..so she left before it got to the route she had to take home..we had tornado sirens going on off and on all day..guess a lot of you are having the same kind of weather..Hurricane Faye on the warpath..I knew a Faye once and she was ALWAYS on the warpath about something or other..LOL

I am so thankful tomorrow is my Doctors appointment about my neck and arm.  I finally got enough drugs in me to make me just pass out sleeping and have slept most of the day away.  Got a phone call and got some of the fog out of my head.. sure glad Paula called, I wanted to watch more of the convention tonight.. not much news to write about from here I do have you a little freebie today..here's what I made with it


Would you believe that is me, Lori and Angie a LONG time ago..I made you a frame just like this one..if you like to have it you can find it here Yes I was a "Blonde from a bottle" for a long time..When I look at this picture it kinda makes me sad LOL  buuuut growing old is a fact of life and I've learned to accept it and my looks now..what else can you do..LOL and believe me when your health goes you are even more thankful for each year older you get..

Gang I'm going say goodbye for now..remember to smile and keep looking up..big much love Jazzy