Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Night Fun

Good morning everyone..hope your day has started out far no rain last night or this morning..maybe the monsoons are over LOL...

Tonight's the big night for Kendra, she's graduating...she is so excited.  How well I remember my own graduation day. Our class was the largest to ever graduate from my school and also the first to be integrated...guess that tells you how old I am...!!! Ophelia was her name and she was such a sweet girl...I can only imagine how scared she must have been.  The 60's were sure turbulent times and I look back now and think did I really live those days and times..such a long time ago. It seems that every generation has its own turbulent times doesn't it.

Tonight I get to keep my sweet baby girl...can't my running shoes ready lol..Sunday Gage is coming to spend a few weeks with me, really looking forward to that also but its been a long time since I was around an 8 year old boy for days at a time...I may go to the pet store and get him a lizard or something like that, it always kept Josh and Chase occupied..

Today I have something really special to show you.

The first Collab kit by KimB and Chaos Lounge. Jen had a contest and the winner got to pick a theme and a color scheme..the lady that won wanted a wine this is her kit..and its beautiful








Isn't that amazing..just gorgeous and it's on sale now at 35% off. Angel Tears is the name of a wine very popular in South Africa..there is a beautiful story behind the name that you can read  on line

Here is one of the layouts I made with it

Angel tearsrs

I also have a pretty layout made by kimscrappin she used my Heritage Kit word art


I just love heritage the colors in this one..

Angel Tears Preview

I have a little something for you at if you would like to snag it..

Don't forget to stop by Kim's Blog and Jens Blog and grab all the goodies they have for you..

I may not be here many days next week..will have Gage and I also have to have some test done, the Dr. thinks I may be having gall bladder problems..hope you all have a wonderful and safe weekend.