Monday, February 1, 2010


Good Monday Morning Everyone..hope  you all had a great weekend..mine was quiet and I only left the house to go to my mom’s to eat supper on Saturday and Sunday, my sister is the best cook..I ate both nights till I was so stuffed I could hardly breathe.. I did get a lot accomplished design wise and I actually got my laundry all caught up too!

I guess  you’re wondering about my catchy little title aren’t you LOL..well DSO has another first for you today..Most stores do big collab kits with all of the designers contributing a part to make one big kit..Now you may like it all, or you may like only a few parts, but you have to buy the entire kit to get them..OK hold on to your seats..

The DSO designers did a “Pick Ur Bits” kit, what this means is…we had a color pallet and a name for the kit (Forever and After) and each of us made a part, only each designers portion  is priced separately, so you only have to buy what you like, or buy them all..and this is the really great part, no kit is more than $2.50..some are only $1.00 WOW you can’t beat that can you?

Here’s a little preview of all  the parts of the kitDSO-EVERAFTER

and here is my part. It matches the other portions submitted by the talented designers at

The name of the WA is Forever & After.. Here are a few layouts my CT and I made using them.

From Pkdoll


Paula also used parts of KimB’s and GS Creations kits.

I made these


I used my word art cluster, paper,mat and birdcage from KimB’s Designs  and the little elves are from GS Creations part of Forever and Always.Love-DividedRS

I used my word art cluster and paper from GS Creations, heart and swirl from KimB’s Designs elements.  My mother had 7 brothers and sisters and there were 14 grandchildren, this is a picture of some of us and some of our kids..can you find me? Kim did LOL..

I also made you a little something today


You can get it HERE

Well duckies I am out of here for today, hope you all have a wonderful day and don’t forget to go shopping at DSO today, and be sure to stop by Words To Delite.. :)