Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday Morning is Back

Love, Laughter, & Friendship Welcome Here

Morning Folks

Hope you all had a great weekend..mine was good, didn't do anything special. Saturday my Mom and I went to the cemetery , that made me a bit sad, then we visited my cousin, and then went to supper..watched the Olympics or tired to, I kept falling asleep, which is nothing unusual for me LOL..I hope you all got to watch the opening ceremony of the Olympics, they say is was just beautiful..I missed it however, yep-you guessed it, sleeping..LOL Gemma and I did manage to watch the gymnastics and swimming last night..the 30 year old gymnast from the USA was amazing, she hung in there with those 16 yr. olds and was great..! Wow at 30 I could still do the twist but that's about it..LOL That reminds me of the Hula Hoop, when it first came out I was about 15 or 16 and I was really good at sister and I were in the store shopping for stuff for the house and I saw one, they don't make them the way they used to either..but I gave it a go..I bet if I had it at home I could do it again...with LOTS of practice..

I did some grocery shopping yesterday..stocking up on some things the boys like of course..I saw a package of Oreo's and it reminded me of a funny story that I will NEVER forget..ok sis, I just gotta tell it...When Cathy was about 2 or 3 she had a best friend named Lenora..they were together all the time, she lived on the next street and our back yards were back to back.  Our house was split level and the car port was high.  One day Cathy and Lenora got a brand new LARGE package of Oreo's from our house..they went on the carport behind the glider and proceeded to eat the middle out of a WHOLE NEW PACK..they threw the cookie part over their shoulder and into the back should have seen the look on their faces when they got caught...there was a mound of cookies in the back wasn't too funny then because I wanted some of those cookies too...However that story will never be forgotten in our family, my dad still laughed about it right before he died..I have told her children too!!!! HEHEHE

I loved my little sister until she got old enough to be a brat..she found out I started smoking and would blackmail me all the time, "I'll tell mama and daddy you smoke if you don't do the dishes for me tonight" you know that kind of thing..I would have been much better off if she had told and they had made me stop...but that's another story..It wasn't until I ended up on a ventilator fighting for my life did I have enough sense to quit..hope this tells you something if you are a smoker..

Another funny story about my sister and I, when she was about a year and half she was playing on a pallet in the kitchen floor, mother was cooking supper, and Cathy got into something, I was afraid Mother was going to get her so I grabbed her up by her arm to move her, and dislocated her shoulder, mother had to carry her to the Doctor and it was so bad they had to put it in a much for helping the poor baby..I felt really really bad about that..

Here's a picture of Cathy and her children, Jake and Sarah Grace, those of you who have seen my scrapbook galleries know the kids are in there always..they are my only niece and nephew and I love them dearly.

Love MakesRS

My CT has been working this weekend on some beautiful layouts..I just have to share them with you.


This beauty is by Marion and its her Great Niece, wow Marion this is just awesome, she used word art from my Fairy Set.

Smile-000-Page-1 (600 x 600)

This cute little guy is Marion' grandson Isaac..he's growing so much..the Word Art from my Smile Set fits this picture perfectly..thanks Marion


This beauty was done by O2BNGdHope and it is her great niece and her granddaughter..she used Word Art from my Fairy set and Kim B's Designs I believe Kit..wonderful job and thanks Wendy..


Isn't this Beautiful, its also by O2BNGdHope and its her great niece Phoebe, the Word Art is also from my Fairies set.

I have more of these beautiful pages but I will save them for tomorrow. Would you believe that it's only 6:40 here and I'm already awake..guess you can't sleep your life away..LOL..

I have a little something for you today

Hope you can find some use for these enjoy!

Oh and please send me copies of you pages using my word art, I would love to see them..

so until tomorrow smile, keep looking up and Big Much Love   Jazzy