Saturday, December 26, 2009

It’s All Over

Hello everyone, I hope you all had wonderful Christmas’s and got everything you wanted…All the hustle and bustle and planning you do for so many months and then POOF it’s all over and done in just a few short hours. 

I had a very quiet Christmas.  My family celebrates on Christmas Eve night at mothers house..this year both Mother and Cathy have been really sick, so Angie and I decided that we would wait to have Christmas when they were better..but last night they were some better and we ordered pizza and that was our Christmas Eve supper..sure was good too..

I spent most of the day and the rest of the night on Facebook making a Vintage Album..I scanned a lot of all pictures back in my computer and had a good time making the album..A lot of my family is on Facebook and I knew they would enjoy looking at it..some of them had never seen a lot of the pictures.  I got a lot of good comments from them and that made feel good..It was like I got to give them a gift.

Angie called bright and early and I was fast asleep and missed that call..Gage left me a sweet message and I called them back..the boys had a good Christmas..wish I could have made my trip there but things just didn’t work out for me to go this year. I called my sister this morn to wish her and mother a Merry Christmas..Cathy was feeling better and she said she had decided to pretend that she got a new computer for Christmas and was going to spend the day playing I decided that was a good idea and that’s what I did all day, I finally made it to over a 100,000..a first for me..between doing that and watching some TV and napping I had a good day.I felt good and that was the best present I could have.

Josh and Chase went to their other grandmothers today and they enjoyed being with family there.  I talked to Kaylen on the phone tonight and she was so precious..she says Nana and then jabbers and then another Nana and more jabber..Thank the Good Lord her and Jaxon were both better..

To celebrate the holiday with you and to give you a little present I am having a sale today,


Now is the time to get those sets you have been wanting…here is the place to shop

I told you I would show you some of the reunion pics, I finally got them on the computer..


Out of seven children these are the only left, My Uncle Johnny, Mother, Aunt Joyce. Mother is the oldest of them. The funniest thing, mother had very black hair when she was young, she has been gray for as long as I can remember but she and my Aunt Joyce both are getting black again..see that spot in mothers hair? Wonder if it could be the Indian in them…their mothers grandmother was full bloodied Choctaw Indian. Her name was Tennie because she was born in Tennessee.




My Aunts Peggy bottom corner and Ruth and her husband Tommy..Ruth was married to my mothers brother George, he died many years ago and this is her 2nd Husband….I thought it was very nice of him to share his home with us to have the reunion.

Reunion 005

My cousin Stan and his son Jason

Reunion 006

Dave and I


My cousin Kayla and her niece Jaxon, she is 4.


Can you guess how old she is?  I was surprised when I found out!

I only got a few pictures, when the rest of my family that made them, gets their posted on Facebook I will show you some more.

If any of you would like to see my album on Facebook you can find them here

Don’t forget my ONE day only Sale today and the other sales going on at DSO.  Have a great day more later.


Monday, December 21, 2009


Good Monday Morning you realize there are only 4 more days until Christmas!!!.

I just can’t seem to get into the Christmas spirit this year.  I keep thinking of my friend Betty and how much she loved the heart just breaks for her son and her mother who have to  make it thru the holidays without her.  The first year is always so hard..Please say a little prayer for them.  My mother and sister are sick with colds and congestion so say a prayer for them too.

I went to a Christmas reunion of my mothers brothers and sisters on Saturday night.  We had a lot of fun and it was great seeing my cousins I haven’t seen in awhile and seeing their children and grand children.  I have pictures to show you but just haven’t gotten them off the camera yet..I’ll show them to you another day.

Angie and her family were here for the weekend. It was great having them here..I got to spend some good quality time with my GS Gage..I couldn’t sleep so I got up and of course headed for the computer. I was playing Bejeweled and he came in..he watched and helped me for awhile, then we looked at short haircuts for me, picked out some we liked and made copies…and then we looked at pictures I had on the computer..we had a lot of laughs at some of them.. we got tired again and went to bed, he  got in bed with me and we snuggled up and in about 2 seconds he was asleep and I was right behind him. I thought we were being quiet but Angie told us the next morning we woke her and Dave up!

As promised, I want to introduce to another of my fellow designers at DSO. Meet Andrea.

I am sure most of you know Andrea. In addition to being a great designer, she is a SAHM of 4 children, there is always something going on in this family and she is kind enough to share great pictures and stories with us.  She always comments on our posts in the Designers Club email..and is so sweet. Andrea lives in Arizona and is a BIG Twilight Fan. Be sure and visit Andrea’s Blog for neat stories and insight, fun and freebies.

Here is a preview of some of what you can find in Andrea’s store at DSO

Deck the Halls

Felicia's Flowers


Felicia's Flowers - Quick Pages


Felicia's Flowers - Printable Cards

Ginger 'N Spice

You can find these and much much more in her store Here

Don’t forget KimB’s Designs big Sale.


and my new word art A Fresh Start is on Sale now..


A friend to all us designers, Scrapcat, has some  lovely layouts on her Blog including this one that she made and used some of my free word art. Thanks for sharing this and thanks for using my word art in your layout.

Now for some eyecandy from my CT using A Fresh Start

From Lainey



She also used KimB’s Designs A Fresh Start Kit.

From junebugmom68



Thanks girls, those were beautiful.

I have a little something for you today I hope you can use and enjoy.

lr-Heritage Tags Freebie

You can download them here

This will more than likely be my last post until after Christmas. I want thank all of you for being so faithful to my blog and to me,  and for purchasing my word art.  I appreciate each and every one of you. I am so blessed to have met and made so many new friends thru the digi world of scrapbooking.I wish for you and yours a Very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year filled with all the good things you deserve.


Friday, December 18, 2009


Good Friday Everyone…wow am I ever late this morning or afternoon I should say…I had a terrible headache yesterday and last night..I took a pain pill and went to bed, I woke up earlier and it was cold in the house and raining outside so I turned on the heat and went back to rest while things warmed up and went back to sleep..just woke up and have tons to do today..Angie and her family are coming this afternoon..we are having a Christmas re-union this year for my mother’s family..I am really looking forward to seeing everyone all together.

Yipee my new word art is in the store…


A Fresh Start is designed to accompany the kit of the same name By KimB's..all done in colors to co-ordinate with Kims kit.
It has lots of glitter and glam and a festive look. Not all shown but the phrases are geared toward New Years, parties and a fresh start for the new year. 
There are 25 individual png files and 5 bonus ones, also on their own png file.
Done in 300 dpi for better printing, they can be re-sized and re-colored.
They can also be used for cards or other crafts.  
Any of the Word Arts will give your layouts that WOW factor.

It’s on sale now..

Here’s a few layouts I made with them..


My nephew Jake…hasn’t he grown folks…he’s a senior in college this year, I’m so proud of him..


Another of Jake and his date..

Kim is also having a sale


Now would be the time to get all those goodies you have been drooling over for awhile…

I have some eye candy to show you this morning..


Nancy made this one using my Christmas Songs word art.

Well Folks I need to close this out and get myself in gear here..have tons to do and its still raining outside YUCK… I made you a little something today


A QP that you can find here Hope you enjoy..Tune in Monday to meet another of my fellow designers..


Monday, December 14, 2009


Good Monday morning everyone..

Yep, Sis, I’m Blogging…but you gave me your bug I think, went to bed feeling Yucky and woke up feeling Yuckier…

Folks, let me tell you about my sis..she is a very kind and thoughtful person..Friday was my birthday, but I had Kaylen from Wed. till Friday and when she left I was so worn out I went to bed and slept off and on for the rest of the day and night..she’s getting close to 2 and you know what that means..yep…she’s not content to just stay and play in the room with Nana, she has to check out kitchen cabinets and things like SOS pads (She brought them to me) and the bookcase with all the pictures and whatnots, she thought she had to pick each one up and carry it around with her…thank goodness she hasn’t learned to open doors yet, so at least I can still confine her to the LR and kitchen which is one big room..She LOVES the computer room…so much for her to get into, she thinks she is in a toy store…needless to say, I don’t get much work done while she is here….so back to my sister, she cooked me the most delicious birthday supper on Sat night.

I had been telling her about cooking Swiss steak one time and how much I loved it but had never cooked it she finds a recipe in one of her many cookbooks and makes it for me, with mashed potatoes, lima beans and red Lobster biscuits. Oh it was soooo good..and I ate so much…but we still had leftovers…you see my sister can NEVER make just enough mashed potatoes for 3 people, she makes enough for 10 or more..EVERYTIME…and when she pounded the steak it grew…so we have enough left over for another 2 meals or more..LOL..thank you sis, you’re the best!

I guess you are wondering about my title today…well I’ve decided that everyone needs to get to know (if you don’t already) my fellow designers at DSO..they are all great ladies and so talented..I am going to feature one of them on a blog until you have met them all..I ‘m going to start with Jodiann..this lady is a HOOT, as she says all the time, she makes me laugh and makes me feel good inside just reading her emails.. she lives in Texas, and besides designing, she Home Schools her sons. This lady can tell a story..believe me.. just visit her Blog and check out her Dec. 9th post…and get ready to laugh and laugh…lol  While you are there just read the rest of her’s funny, informative and a mixture of just about everything..She is known to leave a few freebies here and there(wink)

Here’s a preview of some of what you can find in Jodiann’s Store at DSO..

Christmas Be Edges ADD-ON

Christmas Be Mega Bundle

Christmas Be Wordart ADD-ON

Clear Cover Styles

Snow Styles

You can find all of these and much more in her store HERE

I have a new kit coming out this week..wanna see a little sneak preview…


It is designed to accompany KimB’s new kit A Fresh Start

A Fresh Start

Speaking of the holidays, want a great selection of Christmas and New Year products? Well, look no further, DSO has 70 products all picked out for you and grouped together for your shopping convenience. There is EVERYTHING  you need, kits, glitter, borders, bells, and word art to name a few, to make beautiful Christmas and New Year layouts.  Check them out HERE

I have some new pages made with my Christmas Song word art..

A Christmas Song - Word Art

Here’s one from crlin

JingleBells 600x600 copy

I LOVE this page and the traditional Christmas reds and greens..the black mask really makes everything pop..and that picture is adorable..

Here’s one I made using Kim’s Merry and Bright Kit and my  A Christmas Song Word Art

Merry and Bright

We Need A Little ChristmasRS

These are my GS Gage and Zane when they were about 4 years old..I’ve always loved this picture…

Almost done here LOL

I told you I would make you something


There are 10 poems about Christmas and New Years and I added a touch of the Vintage I love so can also use these for Card sentiments..Hope you enjoy them..

Hope you enjoyed today’s blog..leave a little love and let me know…



Friday, December 11, 2009


Good Friday Morning Everyone…

The first thing I want to talk about is my last set of Word Art, A Christmas Song. One of my CT discovered a spelling mistake on one of the phrases, #1, divine was spelled devine..that got thru about 3 people and none of us caught it..If you have purchased that set, please send me an email at and include the date of purchase and your invoice number…I will immediately send you a link to get the corrected set..I do apologize for matter how hard we try to have everything perfect when it goes in the store, we are all only human and sometime those little things get past us.

I opened the door early this morning to let Gemma out and Wow was it cold out there..needless to say my little “loves to roam” fur baby didn’t tarry I thought I heard the word “SNOW” on the 10:00 news last night but I didn’t catch all of it..Probably not for here, we never get snow anymore..and I love friend Betty loved it too and if we ever got a prediction for the white stuff she and I would sit up all night waiting for it..we would talk back and forth on the phone asking each other what we thought it was going to do..just like silly kids hoping to get a day out of school..LOL

I have had Kaylen since Wednesday, it’s the first time in awhile she has been here to stay for any length of time..I have really enjoyed her…but she is growing up to fast and is losing her baby looks..and she is into more now than last time, she has learned how to crawl up on the couch and chairs and how to get out of bed…I was in the computer room yesterday morning and I heard this little voice from the doorway, Hey Nana..she was all sleepy eyed and her hair was all over her head and she had the biggest smile on her little face.. I wish I could have gotten her picture..

I’ve been so out of pocket lately that I don’t really know what is going on in the digi world..If you haven’t heard already, DSO will be going thru some major changes starting Jan.1st..If you keep up with the monthly challenges, you have noticed we have already implicated one of those changes..we won’t be having a forum but will have a DSO Challenge Blog..its the same basically, you just post you information to the blog rather than the post your layout in the gallery as always..

If you haven’t tried it yet, just go to the forum and read  the information in the challenge you chose and you will be on your’s very easy, even I managed to get it..LOL

Here is a preview of my latest word art..A Christmas Song,


A Christmas Song is a collection the best loved carols, plus traditional songs. The names are the standout words, with words of the song being in smaller letters. In the Christmas colors of Red, White, Wine, Green, and Gold these can be used with almost any elements you choose. Each phrase is on it's own png file. The songs are also done in white shadowed velum so you will be getting a total of 40!! The colors can be changed and they can be resized. They are done in 300ppi for better print quality. 
These can also be used for your Christmas cards and other craft projects. A Christmas Song is a must have for you Christmas word art collection.

You can find it here

Well, Miss Kim has done it her new kit is in the store today and it’s truly awesome as always, here’s a little peek..


Kit Contains.
13 JPG 12x12 papers
55 Elements, and 1 full Alpha- upper,lower,numerals and common punctuation's.

It was designed for your New Years layouts, but it can be used for’s really beautiful..I am doing coordinating word art which will be in the store the first of the week..I am so behind I wasn’t finished in time to get it in the store at the same time..I think you are going to like it..

I have some beautiful eye candy to show you today from my talented CT using A Christmas Song…but first a layout that my friend Sharon (Scrapcat4914) made using Kim’s Christmas First Kit and my Christmas First Word Art..

Scrapcat4914Derrick Christmas First KimB

I think this is just beautiful..I love all the snow and how she fixed the elements to look like a train..thanks Sharon for purchasing my word art and for showing the layout on your blog..I love seeing what everyone does with my designs and hope you will all send them to me or post them in my gallery at DSO.

Here’s a layout made by O2BNGdHope


Folks, look at that awesome photo, it looks like a Christmas Card …those are 3 of her GC..this layout is just beautiful Melanie..thank you.

From Lainey


I love this’s the story of Christmas and so Child like and after all, children make Christmas…Lainey’s own crèche  is on the shelf behind her has a lot of special meaning for her.

This one is from crlin

Oh Holy Night 600x600 copy

Another of those special children’s Christmas story layouts..I just love it..and the word art goes so good with the theme..

and here’s one that I made

A Lot Like ChristmasRS

Kaylen got into a box that had old pictures in it and I found  these that I always loved I had to scrap this’s Angie and Josh made in 1989..

These next two are from Chaos Lounge


She used I Thee Wed for this beauty..and a kit by her sister Days gone by: Bonnie van Esch Designs


She used Funky Love Lines on this one..

I’m sorry I haven’t got anything for you today, things have just been hectic but I will have you something next week..

It’s time to say goodbye for today, Kaylen will be awake anytime now and I still have lots to do..hope you all have a great weekend, stay safe…