Monday, August 2, 2010


Hello everyone..hope you all had a great weekend.  I did.

This is going to be a long post so get comfortable and get ready to read!

Angie and Gage came down on Saturday for Kaylen and Jaxons birthday party. Angie looks like she is going to explode any minute.  I sure don’t think she will make it until Sept.19th for Macy to make her arrival. 

On Saturday it was so hot …. on the way to the party Gage said ,“I wish it would rain” and about a minute later big drops of rain started to fall.  By the time we got to the park it was raining cats and dogs!! When it was over and we got out it was like stepping into a sauna. When we got to the pavilion I was ready to fall out LOL.

No one brought a camera so we had to send someone to get a disposable one and there was a delay starting. When they finally got back everyone was sitting on ready, the cake was melting and the kids were all soaking wet from playing in the was a good party, the kids got lots of presents, I’m glad I went.

Here’s a few pics that someone made with a cell phone.

Jaxon dove into his cake the minute they gave it to him…he was soooo funny…just look at all those curls!!! Will show you the rest when they get them developed.

It’s August and time for several fun things.

This months Pick ur Bits kit is in the store now….the theme is Picnic Promenade and no part is over $2.50.

picprom2 picprom1

Here is my part of the set


The set can be found here

It’s also time for August Challenges at DSO, there are 8 Challenges for you to take this month. For each one you complete you will receive an awesome Posting Bonus..the challenges start here

My Challenge is the Altered Photo’s a very simple challenge and it is Here…this is the gift I have for you


While I was in the hospital my ct made some awesome layouts, here are a few of them.

From Lainey


Credits are here


Credits are here


Credits are here

From Chaos Lounge


Credits are here

This is a layout of my grandmother

Heart Sounds

The layout is made from a mixture of paper and elements from Kim B’s Designs and Chaos Lounge.

I made it into a QP for you with the word art in separate png files.

Heart Sounds

You can find it here hope you enjoy it.

Time to call it quits for today, hope yours is a good one.