Friday, April 30, 2010


Good Friday morning everyone…hope you have your shopping shoes on…this is one of the biggest weekends in digital scrapbooking…BIG weekend sales..and DSO is having a huge one…


thought I would show you some Word Art that you might be interested in…it’s all great for this time of year and some of the exciting things coming up..

and don’t forget my newest set….

and here’s a beautiful layout by scoobie81 using it.


Thanks for stopping by today..hope you have a great weekend…and don’t forget to GO SHOPPING AT WORDS TO DELITE..


Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Good Wednesday morning everyone…hope all is well with you.  Peaceful and calm here and not raining and storming..we had terrible storms and rain here all weekend, several tornados hit in Alabama, some close to me.  I’m not afraid of storms but the lightening was so bad it scared me at times…I was up almost all night.  Kaylen spent the weekend with me and slept thru it all…thank goodness!!

I have some new word art in the store today…It’s Called Vintage Family.

We all have those special vintage photos we like to scrap. We want to make them extra special because they are our heritage. A phrase from my new Vintage Family Word Art set is the perfect addition to make those layouts pop.

There are 20 phrases in the set, each on its own png file, and at 300 ppi for better print quality.These can re-colored and re-sized and will be perfect for other craft projects. Its on sale now. Get it here

Here’s some layouts using it.

Vintage Sarah rs

This is my mom..I made the frame and I used paper from KimB’s Designs CU bags.


Just guess who this is LOL..I used papers from  KimB’s Designs and GS Creations Toof Fairy Collab Kit

Kim and Gaye also have a new kit out called Sisterhood…

The kit has  24 prints and plain papers, 2 PNG paper matts and 47 elements…it’s all just beautiful…

I made this page using it and a template by Bunny


These are my daughters Lori and Angie..some of the last pictures made of them before Lori passed away.

This page was made by Junebugmom68


She used my new Swing Into Spring on this one..

Kim B made this one


She used my Girl Power word art and Chaos Lounge new kit Memories and Dreams. Jen also has some freebies on her blog.

Thank you both for the beautiful layouts.

I have a little something for you today…


You can get it here

Gotta go hope you have a wonderful day.


Friday, April 23, 2010


Wow, can’t believe it’s been a week since I blogged…seems like it was only a day or two ago…I’ve been feeling kinda puny (not feeling good) for the past few weeks..

Last week I was rambling around in a box in my utility room, looking for a cookbook for Josh, I knocked a full can of oven cleaner off and it hit right on 2 of my toes…cut one at the cuticle and broke both of about hurt…I stayed on the couch for almost a week with my foot propped up..I’m still hobbling and it hurts to put any weight on my foot…I guess my neighbors heard me yelling and crying…I’m on blood thinner so it bled like my toe was cut

This week I think my gall bladder has been acting up, I’ve had those terrible nausea spells this week..I called the doctor and got some medicine but it makes me I have slept a lot this week..

Have you been watching Dancing with the Stars? Well, Kate finally got voted off this week, she is NO dancer in my opinion..and a lot more people feel the same way so it seems…I can’t believe she made it this far…On Idol, my girl is still hanging in there..although she was in the bottom 3 this week, could hardly believe that..

I have lots of eye candy to show you today…

From Lainey


She used Swing Into Spring you can see other credits HERE


another by Lainey using Swing Into Spring Credits HERE


Lainey made you a beautiful QP from her layout you can get it HERE


Also by Lainey, using Sis and Me wordart  other credits HERE


Lainey used My Montage wordart Other credits HERE

This is one is from Jen at Chaos Lounge


She used my Dreams word art other credits HERE

From scoobie81


She used Southern Comfort word art  other credits HERE


She used My Montage word art Other credits HERE

From PKDoll

pjk-swingintospring copy

She used Swing Into Spring 9.html

Wow, what beautiful layouts girls, you can tell they weren’t taking any breaks!!

Some parting smiles for you


“It’s been a Tough Year but I made it!


I  hope you have a great weekend…stay safe.


Thursday, April 15, 2010


Hello everyone..hope all you in the USA have your taxes all done and filed and your refund (Hopefully you got one) all spent.  Thank goodness I don’ t have to worry with that anymore. 

Have you ever heard someone use this slang..I’m fair to middling today or something of the sort? Every wonder where that came from..well, I had never thought of it one way or the other but I’ve sure said it more than once. It has to do with cotton mills and it means :

fair middling being the highest grade of 9 grades of cotton;
middling being no. 5 and the standard by which all
grades are measured  (Joan Kiplinger) My granny worked at a cotton mill for years and years.  I still have a spool of thread she brought home.

Oh my goodness, what a time I had yesterday, Josh and Kendra and the kids came over yesterday afternoon and stayed until about 10:30..we went to visit mother and Cathy for awhile…we came home and Josh and Kendra went to the grocery store..Josh wanted to cook Honey Lemon Chicken..his mother used to cook it all the time. So he cooked and I watched the kids…which was a trying experience LOL..Kendra was lucky, she had to go to school!!

Both were so sleepy they could not hold their eyes open but fought it and I mean fought…All Kaylen wanted to do was read books, Jaxon wanted to crawl all over the house crying as he went LOL..I finally turned on Sponge Bob and as soon as they heard the music they immediately went to the tv..Jaxon pulled up and was standing in front of the TV..Kaylen beside was so cute until Kaylin tried to make Jaxon turn loose…I made it just in time to catch him..

Jaxon was sitting up on the pallet and was too close to the edge, he fell over and hit the cement tile floor, poor baby he cried and cried…then just as they were getting ready to leave Kaylen was sitting in her little chair and it flipped over with her and she hit the floor and bumped her head..and cried like she was dying….

I don’t know I managed to watch American Idol and know what was going on..My girl didn’t get voted off, Crystal Bowersox, to me, is the best on there this year..I also like Big Mike but I’m voting every week for Crystal…she is a single mom with a little boy.  Who is your favorite…I bet Kim and Jen were thrilled that Adam Lambert was on this week!!!

I have some new word art in the store today…


Swing Into Spring contains 20 word art phrases all on individual png files.
They are done in 300 dpi and can easily be re-colored and resized.
If you are tired of scrapping those winter pictures and are ready for some flowers and nature, then this is the set for you.
These are done in beautiful fonts and can be used in other craft projects.You can find them HERE

The are on sale now for only $2.80…can’t beat that price!

Here is a layout I made using the word art and a QP from Gale at GS Creations


Here’s some oldies but goodies to show you today.

SG Welcomes Spring

My niece Sarah Grace several years ago..

This one really is an OLDIE

Nana and the boys

Me and the boys 1990..figured I would give you a good laugh today…LOL (Josh left, Chase right) Love those expressions on their faces..LOL

I hope you like the frames..I promised you a freebie and here it is..


You can get them HERE

Don’t forget my Altered Photo Challenge and the posting bonus you get for taking the challenge…


If you are rushing to do your taxes before midnight..good luck to you..see you all soon.


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wednesday Already..Where is the time going

Good Morning everyone..hope all is well in your corner of the world.  I have not accomplished much this week…All  I seem to do is sleep…day and night!!  I did get my clothes washed and I have to get them all put away..I have been out of the house once this week to go to the grocery store…between the warm days and the pollen I don’t have much choice…the top of my garbage can is yellow..Bless all of you that have allergies..Josh told me last night he thinks the babies have allergies..they both have watery eyes, runny noses and a cough..I could do without the pollen..too bad nature needs it..Would you like to see some other reasons I didn’t accomplish much the past few days!

Do any of you like old vintage pictures?  I love them and I have found a couple of websites that I love so I thought I would share them with you. The first one is …she puts new pictures up everyday on her blog and she has hundreds listed by subject.  Another one is  she also has new pictures up everyday and has some awesome things on her blog.You can download and use all of these pictures. 

Another thing I love is old movies..nothing better than an old Black and White movie to watch.  Almost all of the old actors and actresses have passed away…seems like when 1 passes 2 more follow…I wonder why that is, why famous people and others too, pass in 3’s! I found a site that has a lot of old movie star pictures and information. I spent at least an hour or more browsing and reading the site…I really enjoyed and if you love old movies and the older stars you should check it out…

and go to this part it’s What 100 movie stars in 1956 want I found it to be very interesting. I also found a video of an old McDonalds commercial..its not real good but it must be old because I learned about something I never knew McDonalds sold! It’s on this site also.

I don’t know how I managed to get to this next URL..but I spent a long time on here looking at the pictures..and there are hundreds of them..many many I didn’t see but let me tell you, there are some weird people out there and they pick some dandy outfits too! I am going to show you a few and they are much funnier with the captions..These were all taken in Wal Mart stores..













These are some of the tamer ones!! to see more go HERE

Well, I guess you can see one of the reasons I didn’t get much accomplished yesterday!  I am wondering how the woman in picture 8 got all that hot pink, hot orange or whatever that color is, got everything the same color…ever her shoes look like they were made to go with the outfit!..the lady with the pick tail looked like she robbed Barney! Some folks just amaze me…I think Mr. Sexy (above) had a few of something non carbonated..LOL

Now I have some real eye candy to show you..both of these layouts were made by Junebugmom68


she used my Rustic Warmth Word Art  you can see the rest of the credits Here


She used my Sis and Me Word Art..You can see the rest of the credits Here

I just love this one and the extraction work is did you get those strains of her hair like that?  You are going to have to give me some lessons…Thanks Nancy both of these are beautiful.

Don’t forget to check out the DSO Challenges for this month..there are some beautiful posting gifts…and my Challenge is the Altered Photo Challenge, its very easy and you can find it Here. Be sure and check out Words to Delite for all of your word art needs..I am sure you will find something you are looking for and you will help me make my sales quota for the week!!

I had better close this down and go eat some breakfast and take all my meds, put up my clothes and do something creative or I’m gonna get fired LOL I know I haven’t made you anything lately but I will have something for you on Friday..have a great day.