Monday, July 21, 2008

on a VERY SAD note

Hi everyone, this is Kim.
Please bear with me and just read about a wonderful lady who could use some LOVE and support from her friends right now.

Some of you might not know Jazzy that well, and have only just met her through her blog-

If you read the last post by Jazzy- you will understand some of what I am trying to say here today.
Jazzy's Daughter Lori passed away a few months ago ( while Jazz was in hospital recovering from her own health problems at the time)-

and now on Saturday night her dearest grandson- ANDREW passed away in her arms at home. He was 16.
Andrew was a VERY special boy indeed and after nearly drowning as a toddler , has lived with Jazz , she has cared for him and made sure he received the best care and love he deserved! She fought courts and child services to keep him at home! Even a few months ago again!
After his mom Lori died, he had been going downhill with his health- almost as if he knew his mom was waiting for him. He let go on Saturday night in Jazzy's arms at home- with her reassurance that everything would be fine and he could go, and that he was loved.

I just wanted to let everyone know and thought these two LO's that Jazz did would help some of you understand why and just how very special Jazzy is to all of us that know her well-

Heavens VERY Special Child
Jazzy, my heart and prayers are with you during this time and I know just how much you loved Andrew and just how much he meant to you. I don't have the words to say here.

I am hoping that your words will touch this special Lady over the miles that seperate us all and that it will help her through this very sad time.

(ps- please pop on to my blog today- there is a special message and mini-freebie there that I would like everyone to see too)