Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Hello Everyone…hope you day is going’s going to be another hot, humid day here in Alabama..I will be inside for sure!

What problems I’ve had with my computer since we last met..looks like I would learn to not let my grandkids use my computer because one way or the other it always get messed up…guess next time I go to the hospital I will carry it with me LOL..if I had a laptop I could do that as the hospital I went to had internet connections in the rooms!

Anyhow, after 2 formats and struggling with Comcast email, which will not work at all..not before or after support said they could not help me fix it (strange they always have before ) and that I would have to use Comcast Smart Zone Communications….hummm something seems a bit strange there…duh..I did not like it at all but it is growing on me..guess I might as well like it huh!

Josh, Kendra and the kids came to stay with me a few days after I got out of the hospital…I loved having the babies here…Jaxon got more used to me and said nana…thrilled me…he can crawl faster than I can walk and into EVERYTHING….I told Josh he was going to pay for his raising with that one LOL..he is so STRONG and almost as big as Kaylen..they both have birthdays coming up..he will be a yr old in August and Kaylen 2 in July.

Kaylen and I read Old McDonald a zillion times LOL..that book is getting really worn…she LOVES it for some reason..she knows all the animals and calls them by name and makes the sounds…there is a picture of an old pickup truck and she calls it Papaws truck…lol

I can hardly wait for September and the new baby they have decided to name it Macy Reese…the Reese is after my dad and Dave picked out Macy…I’m going to Angie’s the 2nd week in July to stay for awhile and be there with Gage some this summer..I can’t believe he will be 10 years old in August..I was in the room when he was born and when I saw that little fellow come into this world it just took my breath away…I am so thankful Angie wanted me there…

I was also in the room when Josh, Chase and Andrew were born… they were C-Section and it wasn’t the same..I was there with Lori and talked to her and it was just as special…I did get to carry all three of them to the nursery and stay in there while they worked on them…what wonderful memories I will always remember and treasure. I hope I get to be in the room when Macy is born…but I have a feeling I will be staying with 2 excited little boys waiting on her arrival LOL..

Chase is working at Wal-Mart now…he is off today so he spend the night with me last night and is still sleeping…I think he stayed up late watching movies!!!!

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Ok gang gotta say bye for all take care and have a great day…