Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Good Wednesday morning everyone…I know, I know, 2 blogs this week…I’m on a roll!!!!

I have a little story for you this morning, about a cat and a rat who were friends! I know all of you have “Pet” stories about you children and this one came to my mind last night so I thought I would share it..

Lori took the boys to the pet store one day as all of them loved to go and look at the exotic birds and so on…well this day they came back with 2 tiny white RATS, cages and the works. I nearly had a heart attack but of course, I gave in. They just had instructions to keep them in their rooms.  The lady at the pet store told them Rats were smart and you could train them. Josh started fooling with his, he named him Tiny,and lo and behold Tiny learned his name. He followed Josh like a little puppy.

Tiny also learned how to get out of his cage, so most times he was running around in Josh’s room…and in the do pets know the ones who like them least..because that rat LOVED to come in my room and sit on my bedside table..I woke up more than once with him staring at me!!! One day the kids were at school and he got in my room, I had to pick that darn rat up by his long, ugly tail and put him in Josh’s room YUCK!!!1

We had a cat named Floyd at that time..and when Floyd was in the house Josh had to make sure Tiny was not out. One day Floyd was in and Josh realized that Tiny was not in his room..Tiny loved to get in Josh’s messy closet and sleep..and he wasn’t there..Josh went looking for him and calling him, yes he would come to you when you called him..he came running in my room and I hadn’t seen him, I told Josh to look under my bed and lo and behold this is what he found


From then on they were good friends, they played together and took naps together and amazed everyone.  Tiny caught a bad cold and got very sick one night, Josh was trying to give him breathing treatments and Oxygen but the little fella died before we could get him to a vet.  Josh grieved over that rat for days and weeks..Now, Chase was another story, his rat got out of the house the 1st week he had him..didn’t bother happy go lucky Chase, he just played with Tiny..  I have more funny pet stories for another day!

Don’t forget my part of the pic ur bits kit “Forever and After”


Here is some beautiful eye candy by Lainey



Forever and After

Andrea made this one


Funky Love Lines …Thanks for using my word art on this beautiful layout.

From Chaos Lounge


Forever and a Day…Thanks Jen for this beautiful layout, your layouts always make my word art look pretty..

Jen has a new colab kit out and this is her part of it



Flutterbies and Pollilops  this is a beautiful and fun’s what I made with it…my own little “Katlen in a Box”


I have a little something for you today..


LOL, well I see I gave it 2 names…why I don’t know, just chalk it up to old age!!

Hope you have a great Wednesday.