Thursday, August 5, 2010


Good morning everyone…hope your day is going good so far.

I opened up my blog this morning and was surprised to see that my counter read 900,019…sure wish I had as many comments LOL, 

I went to the Dr. on Tuesday for my after hospital visit, I am happy to say her report was good.  It was so hot it just zapped me..the air in the car went out uncle put Freon in it but that wasn’t the problem.

I came home and turned  the air up, got in front of the fan and went to sleep, slept for the rest of the day and into the night…yesterday I still couldn’t wake up..started making a grocery list and went to sleep again…I didn’t make it to the grocery store again..I HAVE to make it today or eat paper LOL.

I have been thinking about the kids a lot lately and some of the funny things they did when they were growing up…thought I would share one of them with you.

When Angie was little she loved to fish…we were at my parents place at the lake and she and my mother were on the pier fishing..well mother was fishing, Angie  (Who was about 3) was watching that day…. mother caught a big cat fish, it scared Angie and she backed off the pier and into the water, now my mother, being a great swimmer, started yelling for me.

My dad and I were at the trailer planting watermelons, so smart me, who was scared to death, ran to the edge of the water, ( a long way from where I was) instead of running down the pier to where they were, and started swimming out to them, in my clothes, before I  even got a few strokes in, here comes Angie, bobbing to the top of the water, she dog paddled to the pier and mother pulled her up…I asked her what she did, she said, “Mommy when I got to the bottom, I dog poddled to the top”…she thought it was so much fun. Mother and I didn’t think it was so fun!!!

My dad, who was watching from the trailer saw that she was safe, started laughing at me for jumping in with my clothes, glasses and shoes on…we went on to finish planting the watermelon seeds.  They started growing so fast that we had to dig them up and replant at the edge of the water…we had some big watermelons that year…and  ever time we cut one my dad would tell that story.

Here is a picture of the lake, my dad and I were by his truck when Angie fell in, you can see from the yard how far away from the water I was…the water and pier are even beyond where you can was a long way to run LOL


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Well, I am off to the grocery store before it gets so hot…hope you all have a great day..see ya soon.