Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday Morning and a Teething Baby

Good Monday morning everyone...I'm really late this morning.  Got a call from the kids earlier saying they needed me to keep Kaylen today..she is cutting her stomach teeth, running a fever, ill, doesn't want to be held, doesn't  want to be put down, doesn't want to take her bottle or eat..I finally got her to sleep, for how long I don't know, so guess this blog will be for how she sleeps LOL..

[lr_SummerTheme_GrabBag_Wordart [5].jpg]

My Summer Theme Grab Bag is still on sale for $3 for another week, then it will be $3.99 per set. My CT have made some beautiful pages with it..Kim_Sandsational Time

kimscrapping did this everything about it..


nancy sent this the jounaling and the paper.


Jen at Chaos Lounge sent this beauty to me...


Another beautiful page by Jen love the pics in the bubbles..


Another from kimscrappin, love this picture shes so the colors..I remember when my niece had a float like this...

The first kit from KimB Grab Bag 4 went on sale this morn ing


Here's a page I made using it, and other things from Grab Bag 4 that will all be going on sale individually this week.

1st fathers day RS

I also made this one from Grab Bag 4

Mercy MeRS

Crops asked if she was blowing a kiss, or saying she's 4,LOL I don't think she was blowing a kiss, to me it looks like she's saying mercy me, more pictures Nana...LOL

I have a little something for you today,

The Won der of Being A Dad Preview

You can download it here

I think I've made it, she's still asleep..maybe I will have time for breakfast lol...Have a great day.