Thursday, January 21, 2010


Good Morning everyone I woke up and thought it was about 5 am..went to let Gemma out and saw the clock, it was actually 7:30 and raining cats and dogs..Gemma just looked out and went back to her bed! 

I want to thank you all for the sweet comments after the 4share incident.  I’m so glad that you finally got the Hearts downloaded.

I have some news today and you might want to take some notes..DSO is getting ready to get an online make-over. New this and new that. But to do all this Bunny is going to have to tear into some things. FORUMS, PRIVATE MESSAGING AND THE GALLERY AT DSO will be going down for the facelift on FEBRUARY 1ST.

There is no guarantee that all the Gallery will be able to be saved and uploaded again successfully. It must be de-tangled from the forum bits that will not be saved, but the goal is for the entire Gallery to be re-loaded after the new facelift. Just in case, not all makes it back to its place, it is recommended that if do not have your Layouts saved on your computer you back them up before February 1.

This is very simple to do, just go to your gallery, click on EACH layout, right click, and hit saveas. That’s’re all done. Save them to a folder on your computer or back them up and store them on your external drives.  If the gallery makes it back in tact, just re-load them. We realize this is going to be a bit of an inconveniece but the results will be well worth it. Just hang in there, have patience and we will all get thru this together.

The one thing that WON’T be shutting down are the challenges. You will continue to do them in the Challenge Blog.   Please remember FEBRUARY 1st DSO is going down.

Now that the business is taken care of, I want to show you some of the beautiful new products in the DSO stores.

Passions Blush


Valentine Ribbon Weave Styles

Mini Stripe Lites Style Set

Heart Gelly Styles

Pastel Square Gelly Styles

Grandparents Love

Patterned Overlays # 1

Strings 2

Fab Frames - Glass

Love Actually

Classic Collections Series 3 - Twinkle Twinkle

Elegant Whisper

Fab Frames - Metalic


Descriptions- Teenage Girls

Descriptions- Teenage Boys

Wow, what a selection of items for your Valentines Day layouts, or for any occasion. We have the best designers at DSO, you can rest assured that all the products have been through Quality Check and are as perfect as they can humanly be!

We can’t forget Digi Scrap Vault for all your commercial use products…you know you can rely on these.

here’s a layout I made using LouCees Creations Love Actually Kit


I love this picture of the kids..someone stuck that red bow in Kaylen’s hair…I was surprised she let it stay there!


I made this for you, the hearts are on separate png files..hope you enjoy!

I had problems with 4shared timing out so I used Media Fire again..I tried the download and it worked…

Don’t forget FEBRUARY 1 hope you have a good day Wave