Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fooled Ya Didn’t I?!!!!

Good Morning Everyone

Did you notice my 2 new blinkies ?  October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I’m betting that at least 1 out of every 3 of you reading this know a friend or a relative that has had breast cancer.  My granny did, in the early 60’s when nothing like today’s knowledge was avaliable. You can find a wealth of information here

You can obtain free downloadable breast self-exam cards by visiting the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Web site.

I bet you thought I wouldn’t make it back today didn’t you..well I’m going to try my best to do better with my blogging…speaking of blogging…I never heard the word blog until a year or so ago..maybe I am behind the times, but I had no idea what a blog was…did you ever wonder about them, well I have so I looked it up and found tons of information and thought I would share just a bit with you.

November 1998: Cameron Barrett publishes the first list of blog sites on Camworld.

Early 1999: Peter Merholz coins the term blog after announcing he was going to pronouce web blogs as "wee-blog". This was then shortened to blog.

Early 1999: Brigitte Eaton starts the first portal devoted to blogs with about 50 listings.

July 1999: Metafilter's earliest archives.

July 1999: Pitas launches the first free build your own blog web tool.

August 1999: Pyra releases Blogger which becomes the most popular web based blogging tool to date, and popularizes blogging with mainstream internet users.

In November 2005 there were over 100 million blog users  WOW…that’s a lot of blogs!!

That said it’s time for more eye candy.

From Junebugmom 68 Fantasy Land Wordart


From Jen at Chaos Lounge, Fall Splendor Wordart


From kimscrappin using  Sweet Baby Wordart



kimscrappin using Fairy Tales Word Art


kimscrappin using Fall Splendor Wordart


From Lainey using Pre School Days Wordart



Gotta go for now, have to hit those drawing pads and come up with some new wordart for the store..anyone have any suggestions for some you would like to have..just email me at .  Hope you all have a great day..