Thursday, July 30, 2009



On my blog of Wednesday I failed to put the file in the zip, can you believe that!!! any rate one of my readers was so kind as to tell me...thank you very much Tristan and it has been corrected..Here is the corrected link


Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Good Wednesday morning everyone...hope you are all feeling good today...Well, I'm ok except my eyes are crossed and blury, my hand is swelled up and numb and my rear end is glued to the chair...addicted to what you say, well there is a story in here somewhere...LOL

The other night my friend Paula (PKDoll) called me and the subject of Facebook and the game Bejeweled came up. She was telling me how addicted she was to it and how that was all she wanted to do on the computer now...well, in talking I remembered when Lori and I got addicted to games and how much fun we had, she could always beat me and at times we almost fought over the computer..Bejeweled was one of them...I told her I had all my games on a disc somewhere..the longer we talked the more I thought about those games and how much fun they were..when we hung up I immediately went to my room and started going thur boxes of cd's that I never got unpacked, looking for my games...but no i went on line and looked them up and started playing , I LOVE Astropop, Zuma, Lexor and a few others..Lori always liked Bejeweled more than guess what??? I found those too and I have been playing games all week long..I talked to my mother at 11:00 yesterday and was playing Astropop, when I minimized the screen to check the time it was 4:30!!!!

I got up and took a bathroom break, fixed me some food and a diet coke and about 30 minutes later I was back here playing Astropop again and played it off and on the rest of the day and night. I have successfully gotten to the 10th level lol...if you are a game addict try Astropop you will love it..

Honestly, before when I got hooked on these games that was all I did, I had to break myself from playing I'm going to have to do an intervention again...LOL I do want my cd though, I am going to get Chase over here so he can get the boxes out of the top of the closet that I can't reach. I have tons of games on there.....well, maybe I should think twice about that LOL..I will never get any word art made! I think I'm going to jerk Paula in a wad ROFL...

Don't forget my new word art set

My CT members have made some great eye candy for you today, but first I want to share some layouts that moonlight pearl made for me...

wordart All about kids-Girl Power

I so love this one.....she is my Sunshine the colors..and that hat..

Wordart sweetbaby and babyBytes

Isn't this one precious..I love the word art she chose because it describes her perfectly....thanks monnlightpearl

Kaylen's card

Thank you for the beautiful Birthday card..that has become my favorite picture of her, or I think it is, LOL..

and I want to share my beautiful get well card kimscrapping made me..


She used a kit by LouCee Creations called Freshly Picked, I love these colors...thanks so much, this mean a lot to me..

Ok Now for some eye candy...

These are from nancy (Junebugmom68)made these layouts

Nancy_Happy-Birthday-Americ the colors and that cake looks so pretty..


I just love pictures made like this, have been trying to get Josh and Kendra to make one...this is a beautiful page made by nancy.


Another beautiful page made by the cluster work and that frame..beautiful page.

From christypooh402

My Day to Shine for web

Love this one..aren't her children adorable, they won an award for making straight A's the entire school that's sure something to be proud of!

When You Believe for web

This is so bright and the colors and the frame also from christypooh402

From kimscrappin


The orange paper and flowers are perfect for this it...

From moonlightpearl

wordart funky Love lines and Scrapbookdelites

I' m so loving the colors in this layout..the page just pops...beautiful.

wordart TinyLoveNotes

beautiful moonlight pearl...

All of the word art used here can be found in my store

Gang we have more eye candy for a later day, I'm played out LOL..fighting to stay awake here..I made you a little something..guess I have babies on the 2nd great grandchild, is due anyday..cant wait to see his little face...

Baby Elements Preview



Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday Morning Blahs

Hello Everyone..hope you all had a great weekend...I tried to stay inside as much as possible...these triple digit temps are not good on my breathing.

I tell you this morning my get up and go has got up and went.  I've been walking around here like a chicken with it's head cut off..not accomplishing much at all..

Saturday the 25th was Kaylens 1st Birthday...and my Angies too..can't believe Kaylen is already a year old..and well... that Angie is as old as she is

We had a little party for them at Mothers on Sunday. My camera has just had it, fine time to with the new baby due anytime, my budget doesn't allow for a new one so Angie and Dave made the pictures.  We got Kaylen a smash it cake, and a big cake for the both of them.

Kaylen was tired by the time we ate and was tired of the highchair..she really couldn't get into the swing of playing in the cake..she finally did but she couldn't figure out if she liked all that icing.she was funny anyway.  Angie has only sent me one picture so far.


She's eating a raw carrot, she loves them..Gage got cut out of the picture but Angie's foot made it in LOL Her hair is getting so long and is curling up. I will show you more when I get them.

I have a new word art set in the store today.


Its on sale at 25% off now.

moonlightpearl sent me this adorable layout


I love the picture..thanks

Kimscrappin made this one..this is her daughter who is having a birthday today, her it..thanks


and I made this one

Back to School  copy

moonlightpearl also made these beautiful layouts

1-for-Linda from Moonlightpearl


2-for-Linda from Moonlightpearl

3-for Linda from Moonlightpearl

Angies birthday got me to reminiscing about my daughters and  about how special Angie is, she's a wonderful daughter, a great mother, a great wife, I am so lucky that God blessed me with her.  I made some new word art and a layout.

A DaughterRS

I used KimB collab kit Toof Fairy. I made you a quick page and 6 word arts..I hope you like.  You can grab it here

I guess I had better say bye for now..have to get ready for my doctors appointment...dread!! You all take care...


Friday, July 24, 2009

Thanks to Everyone's been 2 weeks since I've been here, I missed all of you.  I want to take this time to say thank you for all of your thoughts, prayers and well wishes for me.  They meant so much.  I tell you, the last day I blogged I never imagined it would be 14 days before I would be back or that I would be in the ICU on a breathing machine..things can sure happen fast!

I have so many beautiful pages to show you better get comfy..I have had 2 new sets of word art added to my store since I was here last...


Bunny and KimB have a new Collab Grab bag in the store today.  It's full of wonderful goodies. You can find it here

All of the next layouts are by moonlightpearl

Summer day-9 for Linda from Moonlightpearl

Dancing-8 for Linda from Moonlightpearl

Chocolat for Linda- 5

Chocolat 3 for Linda-7

Chocolat 2 for Linda-6

4-for Linda from Moonlightpearl

I have more beautiful layouts from moonlightpearl I will save for next time. Thanks for these awesome layouts!

kimscrappin has been a busy lady also..these are from her.








Thank you kimscrappin for all of these beautiful layouts...

Junebugmom68 sent these to me



Thank you nancy for these, I love them, they make me want to eat a big chocolate bar!

pure pixels sent these pages




I just love these pictures...beautiful layouts..thanks for sending them..

From Christypooh402



Awesome layouts I especially love the Navy wife..thanks for sending.

And this beauty from O2BNGdHope


I have one more to show you today from Jen at Chaos Lounge


Beautiful as always Jen..thanks so much for sending..

you can find all of my word art here

Ok friends I better say bye for today, have to go get lab work done..I'm sorry I didn't get you anything made for today but I will have something special on Monday...the Good Lord willing and the creek don't rise! Hope you have a wonderful safe weekend..