Monday, July 28, 2008

You Ever Have One Of Those Days?

Love, Laughter and Friendship Always Welcome Here

Well folks can any of you tell its Monday..I can-all day long..Everything I have attempted to do today has taken 3 times as long..I have lost files, deleted some stuff and had to redo it..I lost some things and heaven only knows where they might be...somewhere lurking in the dark recesses of this computer..I think- sometimes it is possessed...Maybe its time for another exorcism..hehehe

When I left you good folks Friday I went to the hospital to await the arrival of my Great grandson got there in time to be in the delivery room with her and see the baby be born...he came out of there grinning like the cat that swallowed the canary! He was just in awe at the miracle and was walking around in a trance like state..It made me cry when I saw them together for the 1st much love in his eyes..I think he will be a good daddy, and if he isn't I will have to get a 2x4 after him..I tell you when I do something I don't mess around a 2x4 will do nicely..LOL It was such a happy time but also a sad one, I missed my daughter being there for the arrival of her 1st grandchild..she was so excited..but she is where she is meant to be and God is here with us..

well just let me brag some more and show you some pictures of my little darlin

You are so precious

I love this picture of Kaylin and I, she is looking at me with such a sweet expression on her little face like she already knows who I am.. Don't you just love the BB was made by Beth Long, she used  Kim B's Designs kit Softly Sweet...You can find this set of 12 pages in Beth's store at DSO

Shes HereRS

Here's my little doll..again. She doesn't even look like a newborn. I used Kim B's Designs/Bunny Cates I Believe Kit..they made it for my daughter Lori because she loved fairies and I wanted something special to scrap Loris pictures in it..I thought the kit would be perfect for these pictures..Tuesday, I am going to take my mother, a great great grandmother now, to see her..and I guess we will argue about who gets her first, Now I know the right would be for mother to get her first since she hasn't seen her yet but I don' know if I'm feeling that obliging yet..I guess I should feel really old having a GREAT Grandchild.but I don't in fact I may even be feeling younger!

I just dozed off and flattend my face on the keyboard...kikes that will wake you up in a hurry Lol..I think I need a nap on the couch not in this chair...I been feeling like my rear end is grown to it the past few days.

Ok I guessed I have bragged enough..I have a little something for you..

Jazzy-preview butterfly copy

It's all in png format so everyone can use it..You can use them together or alone or what ever you want to do with them...I used more of Kim's goodies on the frames..her rustic overlays..I liked them so I hope you do..

Well kiddies, I'mgoing to sign off for the day and get a little nap..I will be looking forward to seeing you the meantme keep smiling ,keep looking up and be happy, love and hugs Jazzy..

oops almost forgot this little bit of informaion..the 4shared link LOL