Friday, October 16, 2009


Good morning everyone…it’s been raining here off and on (Mostly on) all week.  It’s really made the leaves fall sidewalk is full of leaves..

I haven’t really done anything or accomplished anything  this week…but it’s really flown by.  I have been in the house all week..too rainy and bad to get out..I take a cold at the drop of a hat, and then it turns into bronchitis and then pneumonia if I’m not careful..

Today is my oldest GS Josh’s 22 birthday..gosh I remember the day he was born like yesterday..we went to the hospital at 3 am..I really didn’t think it was time to go but rather than listen to Lori, we went..she was in labor but not dilated much but they kept her Lori had a very low pain threshold and you would have thought those 1st few pains were killing her..the Dr. came in and said she had a while to go but he gave her something for pain..I would try to go out for a break..but I would no sooner get out the door and part way down the hall I would hear this SCREAM..very loud at that…MOOOOTHER…so back I would go..

This went on all day, the Dr came in and said he thought he should do a c section..he gave her more pain medicine and said he would be back at this time I am worn out and sleepy and wishing I had some of that pain medicine to knock me out..(Just kidding) I did feel the pain of my almost broken hand…from Lori squeezing it…

2 o’clock rolled around and no Dr..he had an emergency C-section…finally at about 3 he came in and asked Lori if she was ready to have that baby..she was so groggy from the meds she didn’t care one way or the other at that point in time but I sure was ready!!  I was in the delivery room with her, sitting at her head, and when they held Josh up for us to see, I had the most wonderful feeling, it just took my breath away..I fell in love then and there…and its been that way for 22 years…no matter how many GC you have there is always something special about that 1st one that never goes away…I’m sure a lot of you know what I mean..

It’s also Bunny’s birthday today so stop by her blog and wish her a happy birthday.

Kim has a wonderful paper bundle in her store…


I used one of these today and they are great…you will love them..Its fun to make your own paper for your can experiment with them and see what awesome results you have..

I have a awesome layout kimscrappin sent me..


isn’t this cute, she used my Little Boys Wordart

Here’s a page I made using one of the papers from Kims paper bundle..and elements from some of her older kits and GB..


I have made you a freebie today of the cluster frame and some new October word art..


You can grab it here

Hope you all have a great weekend..stay safe..