Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Hello Everyone..

Hope 2010 is starting out good for everyone. Well, if you haven’t guessed it already, we are supposed to get snow tomorrow, a 90% chance of an inch or I realize to some of you who have big time snow accumulations that 1 inch isn’t even snow..around here if there is any prediction of snow at all, the grocery stores will be full, bread and milk will sell out, there is a rush for batteries, alternate heating source, schools and business’s close..I guess I will have to brave the cold today (wind chill is 14 Deg.) and get a few things..Chase is here..he can’t wait for snow, he said he’s going out and play in it..LOL..I will probably sit up all night watching for it..seems like when it snows here it’s always at night…but we have predictions for all weekend so maybe it will fall some in the daytime.

The New Years Blog Hop went very well..I had 97 comments, the most I’ve ever had on one posting..I was afraid my blogger was going to die!! I enjoyed hearing from each of you and wish you would drop a note more often.My part is still up for download and I think a few more may be if you want to try.

We had our Family Christmas last week..Our family was all together for Christmas for the first time in several years. Cathy and her children Jake and Sarah Grace were here. We all had a wonderful time just being together. I have some pictures to show you.

Christmas 2009 009

Cathy,Jake and Sarah Grace

Christmas 2009 012

Me,Kaylen, Jake and Sarah Grace

Christmas 2009 004

Mother, Jake Sarah Grace

Christmas 2009 011

Jake and Angie

Christmas 2009 017

Zane reading the Christmas Story from the Bible..we always read it before we open presents, a tradition started long ago by my Granny..all of the kids look forward to being old enough to have their turn.

Christmas 2009 024

Kendra and Kaylen

 Christmas 2009 025

Jaxon and Josh..he’s looking at his bear

Christmas 2009 036

Kaylen showing off her rabbit..

Christmas 2009 044

My GC and GGC Josh, Chase, Gage, Zane, Jaxon and Kaylen

 Christmas 2009 045

Me and my GC and GGC

Christmas 2009 047

My family

Christmas 2009 063

More family shots

  Christmas 2009 067

Angie, Gage, Jaxon, Kaylen

Christmas 2009 058

Josh, Kendra, Jaxon and Kaylen

Christmas 2009 077

The best present under the tree,,Jaxon!

That’s my family and I am so thankful for all of them..for those of you who have followed my scrapping you can see how much all the kids have grown..Jake graduates from college this year and Sarah Grace just got her learners permit…oh my I’m getting Old..LOL

I have a new kit to tell you about…


Classifieds for Teens is the first in a series. These whimsical word arts are designed to look like classified ads that would be typical for a teenager. There are 20 ads and 1 Bonus ad with bright colored highlighters. They are on individual png files and can easily be re-sized. Each is done in 300 ppi for better print quality. 
If you have teens in your family these are a must have. They will add something new and unique to your layouts and give them that wow factor we all want.   They are on sale now. You can find it HERE

Here’s a few layouts made with it..

From Lainey


From Chaos Lounge


From Me


I used paper and elements from KimB and also some elements from Chaos Lounge, forgive me I lost track of what came from who..a grown up Sarah Grace.


Josh and Chase a few years ago..I used KimB’s Designs Deon Kit. I love these pictures, you can just see the mean ness working out of them LOL

Be checking back..I have 3 new sets I’m trying to get in the store..have to pass QC can be sure when you buy from DSO your product will be as close to perfect as possible.

One other note, please send me copies of the pages you make from the blog hop kits and my word art..I would LOVE to see them and post them on my can post them in my Words to Delite gallery at DSO or send them to me in an email, or if you post them on your blogs, let me know so I can visit you..Thanks

If you are still here after reading this long post, I hope you have a wonderful day..I’m going to take a nap so I can watch for snow tonight..LOL