Friday, August 14, 2009


Hello Everyone..long time no blog LOL boy have there been so many reasons why..will try and give you a brief explanation...first I want to thank kim for the great job she did posting a blog for me..thanks so much GF..

kim told you about littlest angel..he was born with a strep infection he got from Kendra..her test before he was born gave a false negative..they have to leave him in the hospital for 14 sad for the kids..none of us could see him or hold him just look at him thru the window..finally Friday night a new nurse came on duty and let the kids hold him for the first time...they were so thrilled..

On Tuesday they called me and told me to come to the hospital..he was off the fluids (still has the IV in his little foot) and they let them take him to a room...I rushed up there and finally got to hold him for the first time...he is so big..and precious..he is so alert, just looked at me with those big eyes..we made pictures with the kids camera and I left it at the hospital...haven't got them on the computer yet..Kaylen seems to love Jaxon, she tries to pat him like she does the dog LOL..she looked like she was going to cry when I held him..but I got her too and she was happy..I felt so overwhelmed with both of them in my lap..I am so very blessed to have my GC and GGC..

I kept Kaylen from Tuesday night until Monday...boy she is a great baby but stays on the move all the time...she is walking some on her own, and around everything holding on..or crawling..I'm lucky the way my apt is arranged to be able to close all the doors and keep her in the living room and kitchen and hall..but I would think I will blog when she takes a nap, usually when she took a nap I was so tired I had to take one too...LOL thus no blogs..

Jaxon is better and will get to come home on Wednesday, we all can't wait..I imagine the kids will have their hands full with 2 babies in diapers..but of course Kendra's mom and I will help them out..I know they will be nervous having him at home after he has been so sick..I would be!

Kaylen spent most of the day with me yesterday while Josh went to the Dentist and Kendra to the hospital..he was in so much pain when he got home, and Kendra felt bad, I told them to leave Kaylen with me for the night..shes been so sweet..she's still asleep and maybe she will stay that way until I finish this blog LOL

I got an email from one of my CT this week, purepixels, she is giving up all her CT work, her husband is coming home from Iraq...thank God safe and sound...and she needs to be free to spent time with him and her little girl as they get used to being a family together again..I can sure understand that..I hate to lose you my friend but so happy for you.

I might have been slacking but my CT sue wasn't I have tons of eye candy to show you...

First I want to show you this beautiful layout my friend Vanessa sent me...


Beautiful layout and a beautiful it..thanks GF..keep em coming...

From kimscrapping... some awesome pages as her layouts..




kim made this for my Altered Photo Challenge, I just love it, its so sweet and the journaling was done by her GD,her own words from a school paper.. she will treasure this when she older..great job kim...

Junebugmom68 (Nancy) all these beautiful pages...


Beautiful wedding layout..she is helping her bff make a wedding SB..



Her daughter got to meet her teacher before school started, she was so excited..she got the teacher she how nancy changed the color of the pics in this one..beautiful layout for a beautiful little girl..

You know what else Fridays bring...yep New CU Bags from KimB...and this week she has a MEGA KIT..8 new goodies.

Let me tell you folks, this baq has 8 of the most beautiful CU items..I love them all and can't pick a favorite LOL

8 Full sized CU OK products.
(57 original items plus 4 separated pieces)
in PNG, JPG at 300ppi
All photographed, extracted or created by me.
Quality checked
No strays and Jaggy'

If you notice the dates you will see this one will be up a week this time at the special price..better grab it...

This is what I made with some of the goodies from the bag.

You Ougtha Be in Pictures Preview

If you would like to have this frame and word art you can grab it Kim also has a great freebie on her Blog today..

Gosh guess your behinds are getting numb by now LOL..I can't believe Kaylen is still asleep..sweet baby gave me time to finish this..(Big Smile) hope you all have a great weekend..Angie and her family are coming down tonight to spend the weekend with me...can't wait to see them..and she can't wait to get her hands on her new Great Nephew soon..