Monday, December 29, 2008

2008---Almost Gone

Hello Everyone..

Well Christmas is over and gone for another year and 2008 is now almost over..

We had a good Christmas..I know you all were praying for us because we made it thru the festivities without too much sadness.  We had Kaylen with us and that helped a lot but my sister and her family weren't here this year and it didn't feel completely like Christmas.  I LOVE the Christmas season but I for one, am glad its over for 2008.

Angie and Dave made all the Christmas pictures and so far she has not sent them to me..when I get them I will was fun having 2 little guys around who still believe...their excitement was contagious.  I'm sure they asked not less than 50 times each, when can we open presents??? LOL

Reflecting back on 2008 it was not a good year for my family..losing a daughter and a grandson in one year, my health was not good..too many trips to the hospital and rehab...personal problems in family members lives.but also some bright things for the year Angie and her family moved home, our beautiful Kaylen was born and has been such a mother turned 83 in 2008 and is still driving and living and living alone..there are good things too.

I just haven't been on line much since the holidays...we have Kaylen indefinitely now so I have been taking care of her a lot and just enjoying being with her...she changes so much learning to roll over, and trying to crawl..learning to find her feet..and I haven't felt very good for the past few days..old age and Bertie and Arthur came back tor a Christmas visit..I've been trying to throw them out but their aren't cooperating. LOL

I have some new word art in the store today..its called Celebrate 2009...and I think it works very well with KimB's new kit Time Anew.

Celebrate 2009 Preview

More of the new grungy look in a stacked word set...16 different words all pertaining to New Years Eve with Happy New Year being the Focus word in each stack. The are all on individual png files making them easy to resize and recolor. These are also done in a resolution of 300 dpi for clear and clean printing. Just what your New Years Eve pages need for that extra pop. You can find it here

Here's a layout I made using Time Anew by KimB

Josh&Kendra 2008rs

I also used word art from my new Celebrate 2009 set

Here is some eye candy I got from Sue


This is Sue and her husband Ron..don't they make a handsome couple..I'm not sure what technique she used to alter the photo but I think it looks great..she used word art from one of my older sets..Love Word Art Bundle 

I made you a little freebie today

Josh and Kendra preview

A quick page of my Josh and Kendra layout..made with Kims Time Anew Kit..

You can find it here

I also had a special request for some word art


Hope this is what you can get it here

My gmail account is messed up for some reason..can't get to my inbox or any of my previous messages..if you sent me an email that I haven't responded to please resend it..thanks.

Hope you all have a wonderful day and the happiest of Happy New case I don't get back before then..have a great New Years Eve and please keep it safe and Happy..

Wear that smile on your face..keep looking up and big much love Jazzy



Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Christmas Card RS

My Tree 2008

Beautiful eye candy of Crops Christmas tree..Isn't it beautiful.

No blog today, Just wanted to wish each and everyone of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I hope your day will be spent with family and friends near by and that your day will be filled with peach and love, lots of gifts, and a great big Christmas dinner.

Big much love Jazzy

Friday, December 19, 2008

Trees Up!!!!!

Good Morning Everyone..hope you weekend is off to a good start.  Its raining here AGAIN today..its rained almost everyday this week and the temperatures have been mild not December weather at all.  I am going with mother today to finish her shopping..I thought she was through but she has found a few more gifts she needs to mother won't spend one penny more on one than she does on the others..when my kids were little they counted the presents.. heck they didn't care what they cost they thought if one of the other kids had more gifts in their pile they got left out on something...LOL

This will be the first Christmas that Angie has been home since 1999..and the very 1st Gage, Zane and Dave have been here.  I am so thankful Angie is here.. our 1st without Lori and Andrew so please say a prayer for us thru the Holidays and for all the others who have loved ones missing this Christmas.

Josh put the tree up yesterday..I told you we borrowed a tree from mother, a 6ft fiber optic tree..skinny and not too pretty but its got some lights to it LOL...Josh called me and had me come in the LR and he had it put together..I made him put on some Christmas music and we put the ornaments on it..he made some pictures of the poor little thing..I'm almost embarrassed to show them after all the beautiful ones I have seen from you...but here goes

Misc pics 049

Misc pics 044

Misc pics 048

They are not good pictures at all..don't know what was wrong  but there it is..our little tree! Kaylen will be here this weekend and I know she will love watching the colors change.  Can't wait to see the little stinker...I miss her more every time  she leaves oh and on the camera I found some pictures I forgot we had made of her...I have to share a few of them..

Misc pics 009

Talkin to her Nana!

Misc pics 011

Misc pics 029

Carma, our pit bull is guarding her but she got cut out of the picture..

Misc pics 030

I was on the couch and she was talking to me again...ohh I just wanna squeeze her she's so precious LOL

Misc pics 042

Misc pics 040  Misc pics 006

I have a bunch more on here and all of her expressions are different..think I'm going to do a brag book of all of them..they make me wonder just what the heck she is thinking LOL

I have some pretty eye candy to show you today...


Marion sent me this every thing about it..she used my new word art Follow the Lines-Grandpa I really like the look of this new can make it tiny or you can enlarge it..recolor it..and it looks great the way Marion has used it..Had to toot my horn a little I guess..LOL


Look at this Christmas Beauty and I am thinking that is Marion and Baby James, their miracle baby..she used Follow the Lines-Grandma

and here's one I made using KimBs Time Anew Kit


Another of Kendras graduation pictures..I used a Bleach filter on it and word art from Celebrate 2009 that will be in my store soon..

After comments I got on Wednesdays freebie and more endearments for Grandmother..I made some more..just like the others just using Granny, MaMaw, Meme, and Mema

NEW PREVIEW Hope you like!

Well everyone..I guess you are tired by now and I've got to get on with things so I can go with my mom this morning.

Hope you all have great weekends..this is the last one before what a mess the stores are going to be..YUCK!

Wear that big smile today and keep looking up..big much love Jazzy

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Counting Down

Good Morning Folks..well it's only 8 more days until Christmas Day...I'm so sure all those homes with little children are so filled with excitement...that's when it really feels like Christmas to me..when Angie was little she started playing Christmas music in July and by December she could hardly contain her excitement.  I still remember how excited I would get..and what joyful wonderful  feelings I had inside. Seems like some of the Magic of the Christmas Season has left us..its gotten so commercialized.

Have several things to show you today I think You are going to enjoy.

First don't forget my new word art sets in the store and they are on sale for a few more days.



KimB has a Beautiful new kit out called Time Anew and its all about the New Year..It has so much glitter and glam..I think it is one of the prettiest she has ever done..just look


and-and it's on sale now for 30% off..You can't miss all this beauty and more now shown..visit Kims store today

Well...I haven't gotten my Christmas tree up yet...but my good friend xashee sent me a pic of  her tree...this was made before the cat knocked it over..LOL


This is awesome...just beautiful...she says she has it back up and looking almost this good again!..Thanks so much for sharing with us. If you would like to share you decorations with us just mail your pictures to

I have several wonderful layouts to share today.


Marion sent me this beauty..I just love the colors in this one..and the angle of the picture..she used my new Follow the Lines-Grandpa set. Thanks Marion for sharing.


Sue sent me this one..I love how she used the wordart in this one..and the extraction is wonderful..thanks so much Sue..


Sue also sent me this page..I love the colors in this one vintage looking..and she used Follow the Lines-Grandma on this one also..Thanks

Speaking of Grandmas, I have a little something for you today..


Since everyone is not called Grandma, I made one for Grandmother and Nana...I know there are others but too mny to hope you can use these and will enjoy.

You can find them here..

Well everyone I know you are shocked to read my blog before noon...LOL I woke up early and decided to post I think I'm going back for a nap..

Don't forget to wear you prettiest smile's almost Christmas and keep looking up..big much love..Jazzy

Monday, December 15, 2008


Hello All...

well it's a cold rainy day here..gloomy outside but warm and cozy warm and cozy I slept really late LOL

Hope your weekend was a good mom and I went shopping on I usually hate shopping but we had a good time..I had to help her pick out gifts for the kids and we enjoyed looking at all the little girls clothes..its been 14 years since we got to do that!! Martins had a great sale and we got some really really good bargins. That was fun for her LOL..

I'm trying to get some Christmas do you like the Christmas music..did that on a whim the other night..I have been opening the blog and listening to it while I'm on the computer...Mother fixed supper for us last night and we brought a tree that she had in the attic and some decorations home.  I think we are going to put it up tonight.

Kaylen got to stay until Sunday night and I wanted her to be here when we put up the tree..she loves the lights..she just stares at them and laughs. I may see if we can get her for awhile while we do the tree.

I have lots to tell you today...

My good friend Crops2dawn gave me an award


This is a wonderful award to be given because she is my treasured friend.  There is no limit or stipulation with this award..I have so many treasured friends I would like to  give it to that I wouldn't have room to list them all. So I'm going to give it to my wonderful CT..

Carol, Paula, Sue, Marion, Julie, and Melanie I love you all and treasure you friendship and I appreciate all the wonderful pages you make for me.

I have 2 new kits in my store today..made in the new style..grungy looking and just words..I really like it and think it gives your layouts a great look..


Here's a layout I made using Kimb's Stone Castle kit and word art from Follow the Lines Grunge Grandpa you can find this one here


This is my sister and I when I was about 8 years old with my Granddaddy.


grandma and me

This is me and my Grandmother...she loved to fish better than to we are on the pier when I was about 4.

I used a kit from Chaos Lounge Rainy Day Blues  and my new Follow the Lines Grunge Grandmas and it's here and both are on 15% off for a few more days.

I have a layout from 1 of my CT..


This beautiful page is from O2BNGdHope...this creek runs beside her house..what a wonderful view and this page is awesome..she used word art from Its Christmas Time Volume 1 which is also on sale .

I have a little something for you today..Kim said I could give you a QP I made from my layout using her Stone Castle kit...I sure hope you like it.


You can find it here if you would like to snag it..

Ok my friends its still rainy here so I think I may take a not that I don't have a kazillion things to do!

Don't forget pictures of your Christmas Decorations...

Wear a big ole smile..(makes people wonder what you are up too LOL) keep looking up and big much love Jazzy

Friday, December 12, 2008

Where Has The Week Gone ????

I feel like Rip Van know the little guy who fell asleep and woke up 20 years later..LOL I've not felt too good this week and I think I have slept thru it!!!!

Thanks everyone for all the birthday wishes.  I had a good birthday..I'm just so thankful to have had another one..61 and counting LOL..Kaylen got to come over Wednesday night and that was the best present of all. She and I just spent my birthday laying around playing and watching TV. My mom cooked me a birthday supper last night of some of my favorites..roast beef, creamed corn, green beans, cornbread and ice was soooo good..I made a pig out of myself.  I had hoped for one of her lemon pies but she said I didn't need it and she didn't know to make a diabetic one..!

I want to share some of the wonderful cards and well wishes I got..first from Wolvsie (Michelle) and all you ladies that want are welcome to visit..LOL


From Paula


From Sue


From Crops


From our dear Rosana

From Scrap Aggie

and thanks to for all the emails, and forum well wishes..they all mean so much to me and I feel so good that you remembered me..I am the worlds worst at remembering birthdays.  You all made it an even better day.

You remember I asked for pictures of your decorations..well Sue (SACannon) sent me hers and its so beautiful..just out of this world..take a look

Oh wow Sue how many lights are on there..and the shape is perfect..

A close up of her Christmas Star and just look on those ornaments..awesome

A beautiful little dollie

Isn't this beautiful..

This peacock is very special to Sue..her husband give it to her on their first Christmas together.

I know that tree must be huge..and its all so beautiful..thank you Sue for sharing..I hope more will send me their pictures..

I still haven't gotten a tree up..the boys and I just can't seem to get it together to put one up. I know we need to for Kaylen..Lori would want her to have one at our house for her 1st Christmas.  Andrew loved his tree in his room..he watched the lights and at times seem to smile...Oh I miss them both so but I know they are together and in a much better place.


Maggie Mae sent me another of her furbaby...I swear this is the most photogenic I have seen..she loves to get her picture taken..Maggie Mae used Christmas Glam words. and by the way its on sale right now for 20% off..You will find all of my Christmas word art on sale as well.

I figured everyone might be a little tired of all the Christmas freebies so I made a little something different for you today...HAPPY NEW YEAR !

HappyNewYear Preview

You know styles in designs and in word art as well change...this is one of the most popular today.  I hope  you will enjoy using it on your New Years layouts. You can snag it here

and leave me a comment on what you think of this style of wordart..

Gotta go for today..have a great weekend..wear that big smile...don't get upset waiting in lines...LOL remember to keep looking up..big much love Jazzy

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Hello Everyone..hope you are having a good week so far..Sorry I didn't make it here yesterday..I wasn't feeling good so I was lazy all day and did NOTHING..LOL Angie and the boys didn't get to come down Sunday and I didn't get my tree put up.  Josh, Kendra and I are going to put it up somethime this week.

I had a dull and boring weekend..I don't think I got out of the house.  The baby didn't get to come for the weekend as her other Grandmother was visiting and she had to stay home with her..that's only fair but I sure did miss the little stink. Angie send me the pictures we made Thanksgiving and some of them are so cute.  I thought I would share a few with you.  Better get comfy I have lots to show you today.







My babies..all of us in our Auburn clothes..too bad they didn't help us win the game!!


The game got so boring Kaylen and I took a nap and Angie just had to make a picture LOL..This is definitely not one of my better days!!

I have more I will show you later.

Oh and I just have to show what Crops2dawn has made..


c2dsnowgirl preview

Aren't these the most adorable them..Crops you did an excellent job on these my friend..she is giving these as a freebie on her blog so if you would like to have them pop on over and be sure to leave her some love.

My friend Renee at ByDezign has made a great element of fireworks..


Perfect for those New Years Eve pages we will be doing..this is also a freebie on her Blog..remember to leave her some love too.

And last for today..LouCee one of our new CT members for KimB's made this adorable bag topper..


This is the freebie on her Blog just cut and fold and you have this awesome bag topper..what a great gift idea.

I some great eye candy to show you from my CT


Marion sent me this one of 2 of her grandsons..oh I bet as they get older she will know the true meaning of double trouble..LOL this is so darling and she used my new All About Kids.



Maggie Mae made this one..isn't she a Cutie with her tooth gone..she used word art from Christmas Glam Titles , and  Christmas Words


Maggie Mae's twin granddaughters..are they just the cutest little girls..she also used word art from All About Kids..I love how she combines more than one WA on her layouts.


My friend Gayle (Scrappymammawgf) send me this beautiful layout she did for a Challenge on Scrapbook Max..she used Carena's kit and the word art is from my Heritage Cards set. This is her Mom and Dad..They were sure a handsome couple Gayle and I really appreciate you sending me your page..I love to see how and what word art people use...send more and those others of you out there Please send me your layouts too...We would all love to see them.

Well gang I'm sure your back sides are a bit numb by so I better shut this down for today..don't have a freebie today but will make up for it on my next blog...

Hope the rest of the day goes well for you..keep that smile on your face and remember to keep looking up..big much love Jazzy

Oh don't forget to send pics of your Christmas Decorations!!!