Sunday, March 14, 2010


Hello Everyone  here I am again.  Sorry I have been away so long..after my stay in the hospital I’ve just been taking it easy and haven’t been on the computer much at all.  This thing has about seen its better day, still not working right and is a pain to use.  I’ve debugged, done my scans daily, and nothing seems to work.  I need a new one but my budget says not now LOL

Another thing that happened that I am so excited about  I got new glasses..I can see it’s so great not to have me nose on the monitor to see..I love my frames..they are a pale sister said I was in the 21st century now LOL..I will have to make a picture and show you.

Thanks to you 11 who left comments..I really appreciate the well wishes and the prayers..that’s what got me thru and has kept me going. I do feel better now than I have in a long time.  I’m getting around much better and can do more now around the house..I even felt so good I got to keep Jaxon overnight for the 1st time..he is such a good little baby, its hard to believe he is 7 months old, but I got up and down out of the floor and could carry him around, which I’ve not had the breath to do in a long time..I had so much fun with him.  It was the 1st time I’ve really been able to spend time with him without miss jealous Kaylen..

Las night Kaylen spent the night with me..she’s growing so much and I really can’t believe she will be 2 in July.  When Kendra put her down she just ran across the room with her arms out..she got in my lap and that is where she stayed for most of the night..she got her toys out of course, and found her favorite book and we read it over and over and

I will be gone next week to Angie’s..she and Dave are coming to get me today..I am going to keep the boys while they are out for spring break..I’m really looking forward to spending time with them all.  I’m glad I’m feeling so much better now, I can cook supper for them and do some of the household things while Angie is working.  Angie has a Mac computer that she has said I can use..but I have never seen one nor know anything about them, but they say the are better than a PC and they don’t get virus’s..If I figure it out and can use it, maybe I can do a blog from there..I will just have to see..

While I was in the hospital I had 2 new word art sets that came out..some of you may have already seen previews of them but I will show them here.


This is my part of the Pick your bits kit for March.  It match’s all the other parts of the kit. You can find it HERE

Rustic Warmth goes with KimB’s Designs Rustic Warmth kit. You can find it HERE

I have some eye candy for you…

By Lainey


Using Rustic Warmth you can see the credits here

By Me


I used KimB’s Designs Rustic Warmth kit and my Rustic Warmth Word Art.

Another by Lainey


Using Southern Comfort you can see the credits HERE

PK Doll made this one

she used A Sunshine Day..You can find it HERE

Hope you remembered to re-set your clocks..It’s Spring Forward time !!

Hope you all have a good week..see you soon…




Anonymous said...

YEAH SIS!!! Love your page(wonder why?)Many people use MACS so I am sure you will figure it out...will miss you but hope you enjoy the week. Love-sis

NatashaC. said...

I didn't know you were sick!Glad to hear you are feeling better!!!

pkdoll said...

YAY!! Glad to see you back online GF!! Just play with the Mac-I think you will figure it out and who knows you might like it!hahaha! Take care of yourself and stay safe, and have fun with them grandsons!!


makeyesup said...

Glad to see you back online and feeling so much better. Heard that you were ill, didn't know that you ended up in the hospital again. My prayers are always with you. Now, enjoy the children, just don't overdo. I know how hard it is to just keep on going when you are with those special little people in your life.

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Sure MISSED YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Lulutoo said...

So glad you're feeling better. Sorry to hear about your computer issues. No one seems to be immune to those. :( Can't wait to get the angel tags from the Feb. altered photo challenge when you feel up to it. They're SO gorgeous! :)

Lulutoo said...

Oh and in case you didn't get to see my LO, because the link from 2-25 doesn't work for me anymore--I copied the new link just now. I don't know why it would have changed, but here it is, sweetie:

Lainey said...

Yeah! Glad to see that you are blogging again! Have a great trip and will catch up with you when you get back in town!

Di @ Legacy4Life said...

Welcome back Jazzy. Good to see you blogging again.