Monday, November 15, 2010


Good Morning everyone…hope your day is going good. It’s dark and raining here in Gadsden.  Not much is going on here in my neck of the woods..LOL I realize I’m a tad late in blogging again…I had such good intentions…but, well you know what they say!!!

Josh Kendra and the kids came to see me yesterday…what should I say, oh, I know you know the insurance commercials with Mayhem..well that’s what it’s like sometimes when they visit..

Jaxon is all boy and he has to check out EVERYTHING…and get into everything that’s not tied down…Kaylen is not so rowdy, she just has to have ALL her toys out of the toy box (Been doing that since was a baby) her books with her, and the TV on SPROUT…she will sit and watch it all day and night if you let about addicted..she is definitely addicted..and at 28 months it’s funny how she does..I love to watch her while she’s watching but Barney, Sesame Street, the Wiggles and so on get really mind boggling after awhile LOL

She cried so when they started to leave and hung on to me, I just had to let her spend the night…that’s just exactly the way her daddy used to do me at that age, I would not go to their house unless I was able to take him home with me..I wouldn’t let Kaylen stay the other night and she cried halfway home…I’m just an old softie…(I can just hear my sister about now!)

She also thinks when she stays with Nana she should stay up as late as she wants too..well I used to let my nephew stay up as late as he wanted to when he came to visit because he didn’t get to come that often and when they did, he wanted to come to Aunt Yinda’s what can you do…lol His dad didn’t much like it because he was so ill the next day…but you have to do something special do make special memories…right? Except now I am much older and I get sleepy and Kaylen does NOT…she gets wide awake the minute Josh and Kendra walk out the door…last night I got the fly swatter after her, but she just looked at me like I was crazy and went on about her of course I barely swatted her..she is so funny, when I close my eyes, I hear “Wake up Nana” in this loud little voice, I open my eyes and she is right in my face..

The big bright spot in my week was Angie coming to see us. The boys were out of school for Veterans Day and Angie was off work as she works at a College. Dave was out of town taking some test.  We had a wonderful was so great to see them all again..I really have missed them since I came home.  Macy just gets more beautiful and she is growing…and she is such a good baby.  I was so happy that my mother got to see her great granddaughter, her first..Kaylen is a great great. Her Aunt Cathy was a fool over her to. It made me happy just watching them both.  Gage and Zane have grown too..Zane loves to watch TV and would sit quietly and watch for hours, Gage on the other hand, gets bored after awhile and then he gets mischievous..but all in all is was a good day..

Ok…I have rambled enough, I have goodies to show you…

I have several new sets of word art in the store..


A cute assortment of Santa’s and Christmas phrases adorn this Santa Tags set. Use them on your digi layouts or print them to decorate your Christmas presents. Each is an individual png file and are 300 dpi for better print quality.  Comes with both shadow and non shadow and can be re-sized.


Christmas Wishes to adorn you holiday pages.  There are 15 word art sets of holiday words with a Merry Christmas message, all are individual png files done in 300 ppi. They can be re-sized and recolored. Contains shadow and no shadow.No graphics are included. Not all shown.


Looks Like Christmas has 10 colorful, playful scenes each with word art. They let us know Christmas is close. These are all on individual png files and made at 300 ppi, and can be re-sized. They can be printed and used as tags or to decorate your Christmas presents. These adorable little graphics are sure to give your Christmas layouts a pop.  Both shadow and non shadow are included and 2 bonus gifts.


There are 10 adorable Christmas Angels in Rejoice with a word relating to the Christmas Season. Each is on an individual png file and done at 300ppi. These little angel's can be re-sized, used for tags or decorations for your Christmas presents as well as giving your layouts that wow factor we all want. Both shadow and non shadowed are included.


Me, Myself and I,sold before as My Montage, has been redone and new phrases added to it.  It's just the word art you need for those "self" layouts. There are 15 individual png files made at 300 ppi. They can be re-sized and recolored. Any one is sure to give you that wow factor for your layouts.


This set of word art was formerly sold as SOUTHERN COMFORT. It has been reworked and new phrases added. There are 15 individual png files, each one is about home.  The word conjures up many thoughts and any one will give your layouts that "warm fuzzy" feeling. These can be re-sized and some can be re-colored. Not all are shown in the preview and there is no drop shadow. '

You can find all of these in my Store HERE

I have a layout I made using Looks Like Christmas


My CT has made some beautiful new layouts..time prevents me from showing them to you today as Miss Kaylen is now awake and hungry LOL..please look at them at my gallery and I will show them all to you tomorow…FOR SURE..

Here’s a little gift for you if you would like to grab it..


You can find it here

Thanks for dropping by and I will see you soon.


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Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Christmas - Quick Page(s) post on Nov. 16, 2010. Thanks again.