Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Jazzy sick

Hi everyone, this is Kim.

Jazzy sent me a mail this morning and asked me to let everyone know that she and her mother are not well at the moment.

*from Jazz*
Angie came down friday and made me go to my mothers with her..she got us both in the same place and called 2 ambulances..
They sent me home with 2 pres and 4 breathing treatments a day
but mother is very very bad..she is in ccu unit on a bi pap machine and not doing good at all.. Im sick and my mother is very sick , please pray that we both get well soon*

Lets all say a little prayer tonight for their speedy recovery.
Loves ya Jazzy and get better soon- we'll be here waiting for you.



xashee's corner said...

Prayers are sent for you and your mother! i am so sorry to hear this and wish you a speedy recovery too!

Dinphy said...

Thanks Kim, for letting us know!
For a while I was thinking she might have computer troubles again. And just as I'm starting to get worried, you're here to tell us what's wrong.

Thanks Jazzy, for letting Kim tell us what's going on. You sure have other things to worry about then us visitors, and still you are so thoughtful and kind to keep us informed. I'm sending all good thoughts your way, for you and your mother both. I really hope you'll both do well soon.
Please take good care! Because although you are missed, we can and will wait for you to return with your heartfelt stories and your beautiful word arts.


charlie said...

mwah..and hugs..hope you are better soon Jazzy

Judy said...

Thanks Jazz for letting Kim post to let us know where you are. Not good news reading that both you and your Mum are sick....sending good thoughts and prayers to you both for a speedy recovery. Hope and pray all will be well real soon.

nancy said...

we'll be praying for you and your mother and for a speedy recovery. Nancy

CreativeEndeavors said...

Sorry to hear that you and your mum are so sick. Please know you and your mum are in our thoughts and prayers and we hope for a fast recovery to you both. Many HUGS to you both.

Robbi and Mike said...

Thanks Kim for letting us know - Jazzy, you and your Mom are in my thoughts and Prayers for a speedy recovery. Hugs!

Linda said...

Thank you Kim for the sweet, thoughtful comment you left on my blog and the well wishes for both my daughter, baby and I. God Bless You...I do so hope Jazz and her Mom are doing much better, I keep them both in my thoughts and prayers. God Speed!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jazz, you really do need to take better care of yourself hon. I hope you start to feel a bit better soon and that your mum's health improves too.

Best wishes


Vana63 said...

Thanx for letting us know...Feel Better Soon, Big Hugs Jazzy!!!